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Your opinion is requested.
« on: November 03, 2015, 06:36:42 AM »

Subject: Does the minus lens that you are given - make your long-term vision better or worse.

But, more seriously, to you believe this optometrist, in his guarantee that the minus does not make matters far worse?

Yes, or or no.  You tell me.

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Re: Your opinion is requested.
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2015, 04:52:52 PM »
he's wrong

the minus lens will worsen eyesight

especially if you use it for up close work

you only need glasses for as far away as the object is. this means you may need different lenses throughout the day.

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Re: Your opinion is requested.
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2016, 04:01:06 AM »

Subject: Opinion of an optometrist - that  long-term near has NO EFFECT on the eye's refractive state.

She says, the evidence that long-term has "an effect" on the natural eye - is SCANT.  Quite frankly, the evidence
that the natural eye, changes in a  negative direction from long-term near, is massive.  I consider Judy
massively biased against science itself - with that type of statement.

This is why I check my own Snellen, with trial-lens, and would never go to Judy for a prescription, that would
certainly make my distant vision far worse.


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1c. Re: Vision improvement in 2016
    Posted by: drjudy65
    Date: Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:50 am ((PST))

My opinion is that whether you are typing on a screen or writing with a pencil on paper, the eyes and visual system are doing the same things in terms of muscle and perceptual activity so I don't see one or the other as being riskier. The evidence that reading or straining is "bad" for the eyes is scant.  The one, well established modifable risk factor for myopia is time spent outdoors; several well controlled studies have demonstrated that the more time children spend outdoors, even if that time is spent reading, the less likely they are to develop myopia.  So I think the risk with interactive phones, tablets, gaming devices etc is that they resullt in children spending time indoors instead of outdoors.   

 For eye care professionals who provide traditional vision therapy  (for binocular disorders, not refractive error modificationl), the advent of computer based training programs has made it easier to get good compliance from children doing the therapy as it is less boring.  Amblyopia therapy success has been enhanced by computer based training.

 Listening doesn't require eye efforts but you are still listening to words so the language centres of the brain are working the same whether reading a book or listening to a pod cast.  For those with written language decoding difficulties (dyslexia), listening will be an easier learning experience than reading but we have known that for decades.  Educators have been providing dyslexic students with alternatives to written material for that time. Similarly, devices that converted written material to audio material have been in use by the visually impaired and blind since the late 1960s.  Today's new devices are less expensive and more portable which has been a great benefit to the visually impaired and blind.  There has been tremendous improvment in wearable cameras and magnification systems for the visually impaired


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Re: Your opinion is requested.
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2016, 04:18:42 AM »
Dear Friends,

Subject The contradiction in the field of optometry and medicine.

Dr. Kaisu is a medical doctor.  She advocates the the plus be stared, when you can still read the 20/40 line.  She believes
that it is wise to do it.

I will post more of this in due course.

The prescription of lenses is based on your demand for a quick fix minus.  It is not based on science.


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The case of Mr X

One of the recent cases where Kaisu’s insights have been helpful to a
‘patient’ suffering from pseudomyopia is that of Mr X from Serbia. He
describes himself and his history as follows:

I am a lawyer, 36 years old, and a former university assistant.

I had great vision both far and close until university studies and prolonged
reading caused asthenopia (eye strain, headache, fatigue, temporary distance
blur and diplopia). I instantly complained to an ophthalmologist but was
told that it is normal for students to lose their distance vision.

I was prescribed my first glasses (-0.5) when I was 21. Many times I
complained that the glasses made my symptoms worse, but the answer always
was that I have to wear them until I get accustomed to them. I decided not
to wear the glasses for several years, and with good organization I could
cope with the first level of pseudomyopia without progression.

The condition started to worsen when I got a job at a university in an
office without windows and natural light. Working was unbearable, so I
complained to several ophthalmologist who found that I should use -1
glasses, despite my complaints that I had never even tolerated -0.5 (I think
I was 26 at the time). I faced difficult times with worsening symptoms, but
the glasses were unbearable. When I was 28 I felt so bad that I decided to
seek help from several of the most prestigious ophthalmologist in the
country, but nobody performed static refraction and they insisted that I
should wear minus glasses.

Their findings included binocular issues, exophoria in some cases and
esophoria in others, and one even diagnosed esotropia. Their prescribed me
minus glasses and vision therapy. I insisted on doing vision therapy at
ambulance as I complained that the wearing of minus glasses is unbearable
and destroys my nervous system. Each day I felt worse and complained, but
they continued to prescribe stronger minus glasses every several days so I
finished vision therapy at ambulance with -2. I complained not only that my
distance vision was made worse by the therapy but that I had developed
chronic eye pain, headache, diplopia and even inability to sleep.

I was desperate and had the worst moments in my life, but I was just
discharged with -2 glasses. I visited one more professor; he performed
fogging, but very shortly, and realized that I suffer from an accommodation
spasm. The most shocking thing was that rather than showing any interest in
releasing it, he prescribed me -2 contact lenses.

In the end I started my own research and realized that I had been treated
incorrectly. I never had static refraction, so I asked another professor to
prescribe me atropine. She found that I have emmetropia and diagnosed
pseudomyopia, but did not offer any treatment except advising me to reduce
close work and to do change of focus exercises.

My current state is variable far vision, at times absolutely clear, at
others blurry and with frequent diplopia, with permanent pain around my eyes
extending over the head to the occipitum and down the neck. When I try to
relax my eyes and diverge for far viewing or for rotation of eyes I feel
muscle tightness which goes to the top of my neck.

Ophthalmologists showed no interest in helping me, even after the mistake
was discovered. Some of them even denied that an accommodation spasm could
cause my problems.

As I am skilled in research and have solid English skills and access to many
scientific sources, I have found the proof of all my complaints. On my
journey to the truth I have discovered great many facts, including the
intentional myopization of humankind. Your work and advice were  big step in
my research and understanding the importance of accommodative strain.

Excerpts of Mr X’s correspondence with Kaisu:

( To be continued. )

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Re: Your opinion is requested.
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2016, 04:20:18 AM »
Excerpts of Mr X’s correspondence with Kaisu:

Part 2

(To Kaisu:)
Due to the fact that modern life imposes a great burden to human eyes, it
will not be possible to keep the truth hidden for long, and your work will
be appreciated as the early appeal in the interest of the  humankind and an
unselfish sacrifice which conflicted with misleading professional dogmas.

(To Mr X:)
How can you say that "it will not be possible to keep the truth hidden for
long" when I already have been speaking about  pseudomyopia and
accommodation spasm since Tetralogia 1972 !!! At that  time, in 1975, when I
gave a (fine) lecture in Uppsala Eye Congress, they did not even know the
concept of  p s e u d o myopia!!!

But the  response was deathly silence - and me being seen as a mad! – for
all these  years - also in my own family saturated with doctors (in 4

It is such a crime in the history of medicine that you will not find
anything like it in the entire world!

This is such a simple physiological process, and although the Creator has
preserved me in this life this long, nothing is able to wake up the mankind
although it has to face, in addition to only  reading and close work - this
devastating  digitalization!

Don't you feel that you should personally sacrifice something!  Can you not
get this letter PUBLISHED???

(To Kaisu:)
This is a lecture by a man who is not at all a physician, but he understood
precisely the concept which YOU were spreading and cured himself of
pseudomyopia to which he was pushed by (mis)leading practice. (He had been
wrongfully diagnosed as myopic since secondary school).

Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease — Todd Becker, M.S.

I will write more as soon after this weekend. I really hope you will be

(To Kaisu:)
Really shocking....Somebody who  doesn't know the notion of latent hyperopia
is a complete dilettante.  I'm going to prepare great material to send to
you, which shows that everything was explained in great detail over 100
years ago with very precise definitions. The best book from that time I have
found is "Refraction and how to refract" by James Thorington, London, 1904.
He described in great detail the notions of latent hyperopia, asthenopia and
spasm of accommodation, referred impact to the autonomous nervous system of
accommodation burden, the wrongfulness of relying on dynamic refraction in
anyone younger than 45, and fogging refraction as a mandatory alternative
for patients where glaucoma is suspected. He described the miraculous
disappearance of all referred symptoms  once the true refractive problem is

But his great book was also pushed aside (such as yours) by leading
ophthalmologists as the industry found out that myopisation is the source of
big money and that pseudomyopia is just a transitory step in that direction,
and people who cannot get accustomed to the forceful wearing of minus
glasses (such as me) are regarded as collateral damage. I am convinced that
leading professionals are not blind but just criminals who intentionally
myopize the humankind in the interest of the industry and in their own
interest to force as many people as possible to undergo refractive surgery.

You probably know that since 1930s till today many so-called "experts" were
trying  in their articles to deny the concept of pseudomyopia and qualify it
as a psychiatric illness. Of course, they do not have any arguments to
support this idea.

In the textbook for university students in Serbia, spasm of accommodation
(pseudomyopia) is just mentioned in 2 sentences without giving it the proper
importance it deserves.

I will send you some interesting excerpts I have found.

As you already said "it's the worst crime against humankind", but in my
opinion the reason is not blindness, just plain intention.

Best regards…

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Re: Your opinion is requested.
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2016, 04:21:21 AM »

(To Mr X:)
First of all, a big hug! You are a treasure, bigger than I even expected!

Part 3

My life will not be long enough to forward your message to as many people as
I would need to!

Where did you learn your super English?

Did Thorington use the word pseudomyopia??

About the limit? 45 years - I still do accommodate – which is also shown by
my lines!

I really already was astonished at the sensible observations - but - the
insights were still very primitive, which was predictable as such!


(To Kaisu:)
The good thing is that after so many years, I have found an ophthalmologist
in Belgrade who was shocked by my unfortunate experience but impressed by my
insight, and who openly discussed the "intentional myopization" issue and
promised to monitor my status in trying to relax accommodation and regain my
disturbed optical equilibrium. She has performed fogging very shortly and
found that I am able to relax accommodation in plus direction. Several years
ago under atropine, the autorefractometer showed +0.25, but I was still far
from full cycloplegia and my accommodation was quite active.

As a lawyer I have already started the lawsuit against several professors
claiming that they have not performed static refraction despite my
complaints of severe asthenopia  in order to diagnose pseudomyopia, which
progressed with the wearing of minus glasses, and incorrectly diagnosed
myopia based on manifest refraction only, and prescribed stronger minus
glasses with vision exercises, and constant wearing of the glasses,
including when doing close work, as a result of which my lower degree of
asthenopia deteriorated and led into chronic unbearable eye pain and

As an expert witness is appointed by the court and it is hard to expect him
to be impartial and objective in the lawsuit against several professors, I
have collected all scientific evidence to prove my claims about
objectiveness of accommodative strain and the harmful effects of minus

Of course I will present my case to the media, but at the proper moment, and
prove how leading ophthalmologists easily rely on the manifest refraction
only, and prescribe minus glasses as the majority of people adapt by
developing true myopia.

Yesterday I found out that the ophthalmologist who made the mistake in my
case is giving an opinion on the forum section of a private clinic where a
13-year-old girl complains that the first minus glasses give her asthenopia;
she again replied that the girl should wear the minus glasses all the time
until she becomes accustomed to them.

Not even my case has influenced her to be more careful when somebody
complains that minus glasses cause headaches (especially the first ones),
and she keeps harming children's eyes (as she is a paediatric strabologist).

If you could help me in proving this I would be very grateful if you write
expert opinion in which you would shortly elaborate on:

-   the error in relying on manifest refraction and the importance of
static and fogging methods in order to find a proper diagnosis of refractive
-   the harmful impact of minus glasses in cases where they are
erroneously prescribed for pseudomyopia
-   the nature and symptoms of accommodative strain (asthenopia); and
-   the consequences of overcorrection by minus lenses (spasm of

I have all the answers in the books and articles but it would be a benefit
to have it all as an expert opinion.

Very soon I am going to create web site where I will publish all my

Many thanks,

(To Mr X:)
It is not worth starting an argument with totally  ignorant professionals;
and you are also mostly using a layman’s terms! You must now believe me when
I say that I  am the only person on the globe who masters accommodation
1) Even having a discussion with the totally ignorant professionals is
forbidden outright, expect to tell them that this is so! And they, as well
as you, must read my words repeatedly and s l o w l y, and thinking about it
2) You must get hold of my English books, which intentionally come at a low
price, so that you can find out more! It is a different thing altogether to
read things in a book that you can hold in your hands, rather than on the

3) Please stop speaking about asthenopia! Everybody has asthenopia, and
therefore, that asthenopia = latent hyperopia!
4) Speaking about "static refraction" also sounds very layman-like! Learning
to perform a real fogging examination is a real art, and this is what you,
too, would need. And you should wear plus glasses, in as high dioptres as
ever you can. The requirement is that you wear the plusses constantly,
picking them up from your bedside table as you wake up, and only setting
them down as you retire at night.
5) Accommodating continues far beyond our 60th year, as I was taught! At my
age, I  still accommodate  - to some extent.
>From my father's text book,  Axenfeld from 1912, I have learned that at my
age, the addition for close work should be 5 dioptres! You  n e v e r  see
glasses such as these.
We have met  too late in order for me to be able to pour all my knowledge
into you, but I have tried as much as my strength will allow!
6) As to the "expert witness" - you will have to bring them my books to
7) If you are waiting for a proper moment for media, you will not live long
enough to reach that time! You must write that short article immediately.
Whatever professors we are talking about, I have not yet seen any exceptions
to the rule!
8) Please try and be thankful for my expiations, they are a private

Liisa Honkasaari
Co. Waterford, Ireland
Tel/fax: +353 51 396 508
Tel.mob. +353 87 285 44 59