Author Topic: A Review of Hans' efforts - that I greatly admire.  (Read 947 times)

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A Review of Hans' efforts - that I greatly admire.
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First of all - I greatly admire Hans for making this effort - and posting his remarks here.  Prevention is indeed a "learning process", and I think that any person who has the desire for prevention (while still reading the 20/30 line, self-measured -1/2 diopter) should take Han's remarks very seriously.

Second - I had suggested a "preventive" study to be conducted at the USNA, and indeed at a Flight School.  Hans convinces me that prevention must start BEFORE the person goes below 20/30, and he should make all refractions himself.

Third - For me, prevention means almost "permanent wear" plus, for all close work - always, and continuously during the college years.  That is more than I can ask of "most people".  I could only ask this of a pilot, who needs to go from 20/30 to 20/20, and will not "fight against" wearing a plus during four years in college.  This far exceeds any "medical issue or consideration".

I  will add some more supporting remarks in due course - about the USNA study.


By HansK,

You can use a plus with no benefit, if you read too close. While reading, I always make sure I do "print-pushing", mostly reading with a slight blur. I wear a +1 lens which gives me sharp vision until 40 cm. But I can also read at 50 cm, but with a slight blur. So I read between 40 cm and 50 cm, trying to increase the distance - with no success.

A -1.5 lens gives me sharp vision. With a -1.25 lens, there is a slight blur. It is now almost 1 year starting "vision rehab" and I have seen no result. I made sure I read with a slight blur, distance vision (wearing a -1 lens) with a slight (or moderate, but not excessive) blur (but not for driving or reading tiny graphs in lecture: There, I wear a -1.5 lens). Myopia progression has been stopped successfully, but unfortunately no improvement.

So you ask yourself: What did I do wrong? How did Todd manage to get rid of his glasses? I do what he explains in his presentation, but as I have said: I can't improve my distance vision.

My Snellen score is between 20/30 (best) and 20/60 (worst), mostly 20/40 to 20/50.

I tried staring to clear the blur, also blinking etc. Sometimes, I see temporary improvements (20/30) but no consistent improvement.

So I do not know how to proceed.

Kind regards,


I know that Hans has made his "final decision".  This is why success is unique to the insights of the person.  Here is a man
who, "got the idea", and did pure-prevention himself.

It takes great, long-term resolve to do it - this is why prevention is not medicine, and no OD can "prescribe it".
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