Author Topic: Dreaming that an OD, "wants to help you with prevention".  (Read 1067 times)

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Dreaming that an OD, "wants to help you with prevention".
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:55:38 AM »
Dear Friends,

I know  that prevention is possible, if you can still read the 20/40 line (self-measured -1 diopter.  Here "Jakie", pleads that
an optometrist, become "involved" with plus prevention.  But the question you must ask - what does the OD do
to help his own child with plus-prevention?

In a systematic way, they decline to 1) Talk to their child, about their child's, "nearsightedness inducing habits", and
2) The need to discipline the child to always wear a plus, (at the proper distance), while the child still passes the 20/40 line.

So - ask the OD, "do you have your child wearing a plus for the purpose of prevention".  If the answer is no - they you
will have to figure out how to do prevention yourself. 

But here is what the ODs do (or fail to do) for their own children.


By an OD - who FAILS to help his own childrern.

Nothing seems to absorb my children’s attention more than video gaming. I can shout. I can cry. I can jump up and down and flail my arms. They don’t move! They don’t look up! They don’t hear a word! And they can be in this hypnotic state for hours!! What does this have to do with vision?


Long periods of intense near work have been associated with nearsightedness.  Whether the near work causes the nearsightedness has yet to be proven, but there is a connection. It makes sense the demands placed on our children’s eyesight may cause their prescription to change. It’s not the video game; it’s the uninterrupted near viewing for long periods at a time.
The decision to allow your child to play video games is a very personal one. Personally, I recommend no longer than 30 minutes of uninterrupted time on any device, followed by a 30 minute break in which they get involved in distance activities, preferably outdoors.


Otis> I am not in the "business" of getting an OD to help his own child.  So the OD lets the child, "go", and when myopic, his own child gets a strong minus, and his own child loses and  hope of prevention, and becomes permanently myopia.

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