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Optometrist - don't help me - help your own child FIRST !!
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:08:33 AM »
Subject:  Why you must make  yourself a measurement expert.
Optometrist, do not help me.  FIRST just help your own child – with prevention at 20/40. 

You know the science and facts – better than I do.  Tragically, you KNOW the hostility of the public, towards the concept -- to BEGIN wearing a plus (when in high school) for all close work.
I have no doubt, but that prevention (at 20/30, self-measured –1 diopter) is possible.  But just never ask an OD or MD for help – because you will never get any help.

Not from the optometrist.  The question of taking responsibility, knowing of this default - is up to you.
From a hostile optometrist, I always just get a lecture, that prevention and recovery, (at 20/40) is totally impossible, and you should “go away” and stop asking questions.

I learned about this issue - from an optometrist who was wise, and insisted that HIS 3 children always wear a plus for near.


For an educated, wise person, who will actually look at a Snellen, and start wearing a plus, (during the college years), prevention is
It takes a good plus lens (for about $15), and a Snellen chart.  It also takes great technical insights - to understand how to do it.

Otis>  This intellectual blindness, in medicine, towards any prevention, is staggering. If you want prevention, you have just scratched the surface, of a profession that prefers to over-prescribe the minus lens by -1 dioper at every sitting.   That first minus will slowly kill your distant vision.  I know that as scientific fact.  But, rather than be honest - and help you avoid it, and get out of it - the OD prefers pretense, that all prevention (at 20/40) is impossible.  It is all about money isn't it?   It is all about a man protecting, not MY visual welfare, which is very important to me, but rather his "office position".  This is why I MUST do prevention myself, to include pin-hole check, and refraction check myself.

I do not ask an OD to help me, heavens no. 

I ask them to tell me how they help their own children with prevention at self-measured 20/40.
But they will not even do that. It there a legal reason why they will not tell me or talk to me about prevention?

This is the reason I post remarks on how to self-measure.  I would include the use of a pin-hole test,
since I can separate out a actual medical problem, from a simple refraction problem - that can be recovered from.

If you are reading the 20/50 line, and hold up a pin-hole, and read the 20/20 line, YOU DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL PROBLEM AT ALL.

That is where I "draw the line" about self-prevention, and our discussions.  If you can not clear the 20/20 line, and
continue to only read the 20/50 line with a pin hole, go to an ophthalmologist.

The OD "gave up on you",  BEFORE you entered his office.  That message it the real truth of the issue
of "doing prevention yourself.


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