Author Topic: Medical Opinion on the plus-for-prevention.  (Read 1358 times)

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Medical Opinion on the plus-for-prevention.
« on: April 03, 2016, 03:10:30 PM »
The opinions are all over the map.

But they do endorse the concept.

You need to define if you are responsible for 1) Snellen checking (before any lens)  2) Degree of responsibility and knowledge.
3) The expected expense if you pay an OD to help you.  4) What do you expect for reasonable results.

Remember, I am not interested in, "vision improvement", because that could mean anything. 

No, I am interested in always, personally and objectively passing the 20/30 line, and if necessary, prescribing for my self.

I just can not see how OD involvement can help me with this issue.


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Re: Medical Opinion on the plus-for-prevention.
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Too bad there aren't any in Canada.