Author Topic: Jake begins the issue of pure science (the correct answer) vs. Medicine.  (Read 1091 times)

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Here is Jake's thesis - with my commentary.

In case Jake deletes my commentary:


Jake, I always enjoy your commentary.  You ask wise OD, and he calls the minus, "poison glasses for children", and you ask scientific (not medical) questions. In pure science, you put a minus on all natural eyes - and they always change their refractive STATE in a negative direction.  Here is an animation of this data.

Now here is the data:

This result is pure science - it is not medicine.  Medical people will think up endless reasons to distract you from pure science.  Try not to let them do that to you.

I do not say, "cause myopia", I say, fundamental eye (all eyes) change their refractive STATE in a negative direction - from wearing a minus lens.

The problem is to fail to use the correct words when describing the result of this scientific experiment.

To summarize.

Putting your nose on the book, results in the totally natural eye - changing its REFRACTIVE STATE, from positive to negative.

Thus the FIRST reason is that the eye is a dynamic system.

Now, the OD takes this child, IGNORES WHAT THE CHILD HAS BEEN DOING FOR 3 YEARS, and declares "negative state" is
an severe medical error.

Then the child is put into a strong minus lens, and wear it ALL THE TIME.  The SECONDARY reason is that minus lens.

Science and facts are very clear - as pure science.

I do not ever argue with a medical person about established pure science.

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