Author Topic: A case of gross over-prescription.  (Read 783 times)

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A case of gross over-prescription.
« on: March 22, 2016, 05:03:21 PM »
Dear Prevention minded friends,

If you are in an office, as an OD, in a dark room and you can detect even the slightest "error" (your machine might not be working correctly) you will over-prescribe the minus lens.  Here is a conversation with a woman who "woke up" and checked her own Snellen - and has 20/20 vision. Clearly the OD's motivation to sell you an expensive minus lens - that you do not need - drives this excessive prescription habit. Tragically, if you start wearing a strong minus - it will screw up your distant vision -- and in my opinion, permanently.  This is why I do not argue about, "un-doing" the effect of a minus lens on the normal eye.

Here is the report by Ms. Bronwyn:

Bronwyn>  Hi Otis,  I am very confused by the results from when my friend and I checked our visual acuity with and without our glasses.  My results don't make any sense to me.  I was able to read almost all of the 20/10 line outdoor with my glasses on.  I can understand that and was pleased.  It's the results without my glasses that have me perplexed.  According to our testing, I read the 20/40, 20/30, 20/25, 20/20, and 20/15 lines perfectly.  I was even able to guess a couple of the letters on the 20/13 line correctly.  We must have been doing something wrong for me to get these results.  Was it because we read the chart in the sunlight?  I did get a massive migraine afterward from reading the chart without my glasses.  I also got one on a day that I forgot to wear my glasses and left them at home.  These were my first two migraines.  I am going to go to a health fair on Saturday and I will ask them to check my vision with and without my glasses.

My Response:

Otis>  to Bronwyn P Hi -  Since you read the 20/20 line, with no glasses on - you are profoundly over-prescribed.  In simple words - you are not myopic. Or,  you are profoundly over-prescribed !!  Do not bother the OD with this issue.  You read your Snellen objectively.  If you wished to be a pilot (read the 20/20 line) you would qualify.  Always check yourself - and stop wearing glasses - you proved to yourself - you do not need.
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