Author Topic: Went from (-3.75, -4) to (-3.00, -3.50) in 3 years  (Read 1451 times)

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Went from (-3.75, -4) to (-3.00, -3.50) in 3 years
« on: March 22, 2016, 08:41:02 PM »
I am looking to make more improvements, bigger ones, since I know it is obvious it is possible for me now. I am used to my prescription getting progressively worse.

The things I believed helped me:
- Low sugar diet
- Vitamin A supplement (Cod Liver Oil)
- Slight under correction (I believe I was over corrected on sunny days)
- Reading at far point around 33cm (without glasses)
- Taking glasses off occasionally (I used to wear contacts all the time, so there was no off)
- Working near a window
- I do have computer glasses, or glasses that are just uncorrected where the TV has a slight blur, which I use occasionally but I can tell if i am getting close
- I wear contacts that have a lower prescription (-3 for both eyes) and so my right eye is under corrected -.50D but I also got rid of astigmatism in that eye, so I don't think it is a wrong approach.

I think my next steps are to:
- Figure out a more regular interval to see my eye doctor since I don't know exactly when my vision 'improves' even a little bit. Do you guys think that stepping down your prescription helps your vision improve faster?
- Get a smellen chart to test myself
- Zennioptical some lower prescription glasses such as -1.00D for doing computer work, but I need my pupil distance.