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Keeping log
« on: March 17, 2016, 08:42:53 PM »
Hello everyone my name is George and I've been reading an incredible amount on this subject and how I no longer believe that conventional mainstream treatment is the way and not just for eyes but everywhere.

Anyway so I just thought I'd post here and keep a log so people can view it freely and maybe compare themselves or even use it as a reference perhaps give people hope if I'm successful, lets hope!

My self measured diopters are -2.00 right eye -1.75 left eye using my Snelen chart.
So the plus lens glasses Im I using are +0.25 right eye +0.50 left eye, I believe this puts both eyes at  roughly -2.25 myopia.

my room is only small so I'm only 10 feet away from my Snelen chart (I moved it to be 20 feet when I was self measuring)
My current eyes can read from 10 feet: 200, the 100, and the 70,
My goal as of now is to be able to read the 50 line I will post updates weekly and update my goals accordingly.

Also I would just like to add I am myopic due to exessive play time on the computer between 10-18 hours a day every day from 16-22 years old I am now 24 I never took breaks and as myopia increased I just moved closer and closer. I wore prescription minus lens for 2 and a half years  2013-2015 eye sight possibly worse as I continued my habits, these last few months I have stopped my bad habits cold turkey and use the computer rarely.

thanks for reading.

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Re: Keeping log
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2016, 03:13:45 PM »
Hi George,

Here is how to make a good 10 foot chart. Put a bright light on it for repeatable consistency.

I can not set goal for you - only you can do that.  With the 10 foot chart (that is consistent), I would expect you to be able to
read the 20/50 line (from long-term monitoring), in about six months.

The reason, I set 20/50 to 20/40 as my "standard" -- is because it is at that point I will PASS the state DMV.  If it were me, and
I reached that point, I would stop wearing any minus lens.  (But this is also your choice.)

It is hard to go, "cold turkey", because of school requirements.  If you decide to continue with this process, I would definitely
order my own test lenses from Zennioptical.  The only person who TRUSTS anything - is the person who makes all the measurements - himself.

I fully admit that this type of recovery, is not for everyone.  In fact, it is not for most people.  But setting an objective goal, and
recognizing that change is no better than +3/4 diopters per year - should tell you how difficult your goal is.

I will post a video about ordering a -1/2 and -1 diopter from Zennioptical, which I consider a necessary part of true-prevention.

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Re: Keeping log
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2016, 04:01:48 PM »
Hey Otis thanks for your input, I currently got a 20 foot Snelen set and I can only move back 10 feet. What u described in the video is pretty much what I'm doing now but I'm glad you did, you just confirmed that I'm doing it right, cheers.

And I agree with it's hard going cold turkey, but I'm comfortable and happy not wearing minus lens,
Cold turkey is just what I do when I got my mind set on a goal. I don't have a job or drive or anything as I'm on a pension for reasons I won't get into, but this gives me uninterrupted training.

For an update I've decided to do it monthly, weekly isn't long enough in my opinion
Don't recognise any change in vision acuity but I'm not stopping


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Re: Keeping log
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2016, 04:34:20 PM »
Hi George -
I learned from an OD how terrible that FIRST minus lens was.  (No other OD would tell me this).  Most of the OD will say, "... but we do not know what else to do..".

In fact, the mistake is to let them do anything.  Here is my Nephew, who did wear the plus, almost constantly, though four years of college.  If you do manage to get into the 20/50, to 20/40 range, THEN you could start wearing a plus for near.  For now, vision at 20 inches (50 cm) should be good for you.



Dear Uncle,          February 19, 1990

     Thank you very much for the book, "How to Avoid
Nearsightedness".  I got it yesterday after I came back from the
weekend.  I am looking forward to reading it soon, but for now I
have a great deal of school work to read.

     I would imagine you'll be pleased to have me tell you that
one of the first things I did after opening your book was to check
my eyes with the eye chart.  I am able to read the 20/20 line on
the eye-chart. I have been using my drug store plus lenses most
of the time now.  I have always passed the driver's license eye

     I use these glasses nearly 100 percent of the time when I
read text books and use them for about 70 percent of the total
reading I do.  I started using them as much as possible again
because, at the end of last semester my sight was pretty bad (I
didn't check them on a chart).  I am lucky to have an uncle who
showed me back in eighth grade that I could prevent my

     One thing college has taught me is to listen to others and
then use or adapt methods to work for me.  In the last few years I
have had a great deal more reading work to do. If I don't use the
magnifying lenses I notice fairly quickly that my sight starts to
deteriorate.  Then I realize it's time to do something to stop
that process.

     At the moment, I am wearing the magnifying lens because I
know what it does for my vision.  Thanks for taking the time to
tell me how to avoid a situation, wearing glasses at all times for
the rest of my life, that I would find unpleasant, and for sending
me a copy of your book so I can learn more in-depth about the
methods I am using.

          Keith B.


I have made it clear to him, that, for his own children, keeping your Snellen to EXCEED the 20/30 line is critical.  Checking at home - prevents
this from ever becoming, an issue for an "in office" optometrist.

I do not "fight" with the in-office optometrist.  I just make certain I always exceed the 20/30 line - at home.  If we all did this, we
would not have ODs "fighting" with us.

The person who wishes to "fight" the wearing of a plus, (when at 20/30), entering  a four year college, will LOSE his distant vision
at a rate of -1/2 diopter per year, for four years of college.

That is the real and ONLY standard to judge Keith's success.

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Re: Keeping log
« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2016, 12:44:57 AM »
hey Otis.

i agree with you 100% with the fact that the mistake is to let optometrists do anything to do, or take their advice blindly without doing your own research. this goes for every industry, as they are likely to be the most Bias. they look to profit off the people without taking into consideration of peoples well being, they will almost always take short cuts to add to their riches.

i have to say right now your Nephew is lucky you educated him with the importance of plus lens wear and eyesight prevention; it is also a good thing that your Nephew listened to your advice that's great. i was unlucky to live in a family with ignorance surrounds me everyone here is close minded and doesn't think outside of the box. they believe pretty much anything they're told as long as its from an "official Profession" so to speak.

fighting with optometrists in their office would be a waste of time and pointless, I'd dare say they'd be very naive and ignorant even if told otherwise, most likely they would refuse to believe since they have invested the energy and time into this profession only to find out its not what it seems.