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New to this forum
« on: July 30, 2016, 12:18:49 AM »
Hi, everybody
So since 2016 january I decided to get my 20/20 vision back. I was -5.25 back then. I began using Meir Schneider method which resembles in many ways Bates method. After 4 months I went to opthomlogist to check my eyesight and it was -4.5!!! Then I have found Todd's talk on youtube which got me so exited. I reduced my myopia with Bates method but the problem is that I need to do lots of close work as I am a student. My grades allways was pretty good but this spring semester I barely passed all exams due to I had no time to read since I did eye exercises such as palming, sunning, looking at he distance(this exercise I believe got my myopia reduced to -4.5) for 4 hours everyday . I skiped alot of lectures too because I could not find place to do palming or sunning in my campus!! I know it sounds crazy but this is how determined I am to get my clear eyesight back. Now print pushing seems to be better to me since I can integrate it to my studying and I do not need to skip lectures due to frequent palming or sunning exercises. Also it looks more scientifical. So I am doing print pushing for almost 3 weeks already. I wanted to join forum and be active since it is very motivating to be around people with the same goal. As all of you might know that it is hard to find people around you in real life who would believe in reversing myopia. So I hope this place is going to be fun and motivating while I am on my way to 20/20!!!