Author Topic: Started with -4,5, how should I proceed  (Read 1468 times)

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Started with -4,5, how should I proceed
« on: October 31, 2016, 06:55:39 AM »
Hello all,

first of all, I want to say thank you to all, im happy to found this awesome forum.
I hope my english is not to bad, because im from Germany - here you can buy lenses and other things without a prescription ;-)

So, i startet my vision improvement with:
Left: -4.5, Right: -4.5, -0.75, 180°

Afer a while reading reading reading here, I know, that i´m over corrected. I bought
Left: -3,5, Right:  -3.5, -0.75, 180° contact lenses.

With this contacs, I can read my printed snellen test: Right: 20/25, Left: 20/70
I´m not sure, what to do now... do I undercorrect my left eye to fast ? Should I go back to -4.0 on my left eye ?

For my computer work, i bought reading glasses with +2.0, to wear over my contacts. So I can see a bit blurry at normal computer distance (~52cm).

I would very happy to get a good advice now....

Best regards,


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Re: Started with -4,5, how should I proceed
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2016, 06:22:05 PM »
Hi Thomas,

I guess I must give you the "good news - bad news" story. 

For people with a mild prescription (say -2 diopters), it is possible to get to naked eye 20/40, that meets almost all legal requirements.  That is my goal - to reach a point that is reasonable - and I can stop wearing a minus lens.

At -4 diopters, no one can promise anything.

I do suggest you read, "EndMyopia" site by Jake - for ideas.

For myself personally - I make no claim of any success.  Here is my site for an over-all picture of the problem - and the need to start with the plus when you are still able to read the 20/40 line.

Just follow the discussions here - I think you will enjoy it.