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R-4.0,L-4.5 to -1.25,-1.25

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I'm new here and been working hard at vision improvement since late December 2013 when I had a R-4,L-4.5 prescription.  I've gotten eye exams every month since then and managed to drop it to -1.25 in September 2015.  I got the vision restriction removed from my drivers license three months later.  Since then I haven't been able to break under -1.25 and my astigmatism has creeped up from .5 to the 1 to 1.25 range or worse.  I finally concluded my eyes are oriented too far to the right as a result of writing right-handed and the car drivers seat being on the left side of the car so my right eye has the middle of the windshield to look through.  So I am taking active steps to undo that.

Has anyone here tried ortho-K to make your vision worse to make it better?(you know what I mean)  Both plus lens glasses and contact lenses do not cover the entire portion of the eye that light goes through and I'm wondering if that's why plus lens usage hasn't been giving me anything for awhile.

I'm also wondering if it's good to use plus lenses for distance if you are -1 or better, in contrast how it's good to use plus lenses just outside blur point to get down to the low -1s.  The shape of the eye is different, and the pulls are different at different focal lengths.

Hi Sleep Master,

See below quote from: http://www.iblindness.org/forum/t-Finally-got-20-20-crystal-clear-vision-%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%93-my-Updated-success

Btw, congratulations on your success so far, could you please post a more detailed account of your story since December 2013?
  # Where you get your eye exams every month
  # What resources and method have you been using
  # Any personal tip and tricks you have discovered on your journey so far
  # Etc. etc.

Note that the author did not use any plus lenses and read clear text the whole time, but still managed to improve.
Most of the iblindness forum is wacky Bates method stuff, but this story stands out:

--- Quote ---07-04-2013, 02:01 AM
Fist of all, sorry for my English since it is not my fist language.

Back in 2008, I started a thread about my fist 4 month experience with Bate method , here is the topic
<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.iblindness.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1147">viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1147</a><!-- l -->

And today, July 4th 2013, I am totally CURED form myopia. No more blurry vision. My vision is 20/20 crystal sharp and clear! Its amazing.

So I will list here what I have done from May 2008 and what i think about vision improvement here.

_Basic info: I was myopic. About -2.5 to -2.75 Diop, both eyes. Wearing glasses from 15 year old to 24 year old ( in 2008). So it was about 9 year wearing galsses. Test with snell chart showed that my vision was about 20/200.

* 5/2008 => 11/2008
+ Take off glasses complely
+ Practice Long Swinging many times everyday, a few hundreds swing each time.
+ I am a programmer, work on computer a lot so I wanted to use the computer to help me to improve my vision. So I decided to put the computer screen 5 centimeters further a way from me every week. At first the screen was 30 centimeters away. And up to 11/2008, I can put it 80 to 100 centimeters away and work easily. It was a huge improvement.
+ working on the snellen chart a few time a day.

The result:
+ at first I experienced terrible headaches. But they went a way after 1 or 2 weeks when I got used to see without glasses.
+ my vision improved up to 20/40.

At that time, i was very satisfied with   the result. I could live without glasses. Could work, play sport… effectively without glassed. You know, went form 20/200 to 20/40 was a huge improvement. ( but compare to my 20/20 vision today, 20/40 is nothing lol )

+ most effective exercise in this period for me was just working on computer (8 hour every day) with the screen put further away every week. Long swing helped too.

* 11/2008 to 1/2013:
didn’t practice as often as before. Got married, got 2 kids, life got much more busy. When I got busy with other things I didn’t spend enough time to practice long swing or wok on snellen chart any more. Any my main strategy:” putting the computer screen further every week” hit it maximum potential since I can not put the screen more than 1 meter away ( have you ever seen someone that sit 1.5 to 2 meter away from the computer screen at work? lol)

- But sometime when I was not so busy and had more free time, I spent a few minutes to work on the snellen chart and do the long swing as well. And although I know that I didn’t spend enough time to practice, my vision still improved during this period. I know that because when I drove, I could see things that I usually couldn’t see well before. That means my vision was improved.

* 1/2013 to Jun 15 2013 (a bout 2 weeks ago)

This period, I was not busy with work. Kids also growed and I didn’t have to spend much time to take care of them. My wife quit her job to stay home, take care of the kids and do all the house work. So this period I have free time again. And I decided to continue my journey to 20/20 vision.

+ Long swing many times a day.
+ working on snellen chart many times a day.

Great! My vision improved significantly. Got clear vision many many times during the day. But these clear flashes were not stable. They usually went away after a link. Then came back quickly after another blink. I got so many clear 20/20 flashes, but I just counldn’t keep them permanently.

Something was missing! And I was confused!

One day, I read a part of David’s method a bout center vision

The link is: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.iblindness.org/davids-method/method-vision-improvement.php">http://www.iblindness.org/davids-method ... vement.php</a><!-- m -->
goto the part a bout “CLAIM YOUR CENTER OF VISION”

I notice that I don’t have good enough habit of central fixation. The idea is look at smaller spot at a time on any larger object you're looking at. The smaller the better.

And then I read somewhere that Dr Bate said that reading fine print all so help to improve vision. Bingo. I think I found what I was looking for

I immediately change the font of my webbrowser to the smallest that I can, zoom out of the webpage to the point text on the browser is so tinny but still sharp and black, and readable. Then I just sit normally ( about 1 meter from the screen) and read the webpage.
After 5 minutes I looked out of the window and everhing was bright, shard and 20/20 clear.

Now I know I found my powerful exercise. Since I am a programmer, work 8 hours a day on the computer, that mean with this newly discovered exercise, I am back to practicing fulltime a gain.

And since 2 weeks ago, I just worked on computer, reading webpage with tiny font many hours a day, and my vision improved every day.

And today, when I am outside, walking down the street with stable 20/20 vision, seeing people, houses, cars, tree, street signs clearly and easily, I feel like a happy child! That is the vision that I once had when I was a child and now I regain it after a long 5 years journey. But it is definitely worth it!!!

So that is my story. I think if I had more free time, know what to do and practice every day I can be cured sooner. But that is life, we have so much things to worry about beside improve our vision. And 4 out of 5 years I didn’t try hard to practice at all lol.

Hope everyone will get good result like me!
--- End quote ---

My optometrist charges 89 bucks a month for eye exams.  I've seen optometrists charge as cheaply as 45 bucks a month.  I just get the barebones measurements, 20/x, refractive error, astigmatism.  I only get my glaucoma and closeup vision tested once a year.  Nor do I get contact lenses or distance glasses fitting/consultations.  It is still expensive, but if I get to zero diopters, I want a record to back it up.  Plus I like how paying 89 bucks a month makes me take vision improvement very very seriously.

These are my refractive error exam results from just after I started to getting my drivers license vision restriction removed:

Dec 2013: -3.5,-4
Jan 2014: -3,-3
Feb 2014: -3.25,-3.25
March 2014: -2.75,-3
April 2014: -2.5,-3
May 2014: -2.5,-3
June 2014: -2.25,-3
July 2014: -2.5,-2.75
August 2014: -2.25,-2.75
September 2014: -2, -2.25
October 2014: -2.25, -2.75
November 2014: -2.25,-2.25
December 2014: -2.25, -2.25
Jan 2015: -2.0,-2.5
Feb 2015: -2.25,-2.25
March 2015: -2.5,-2.5
April 2015: -2.0,-2.0
May 2015: -2.25,-2.25
June 2015: -2,-2.25
July 2015: -1.75,-1.75
August 2015: -1.75,-1.75
September 2015: -1.25,-1.25
October 2015: -1.5,-1.5
November 2015: -1.25,-1.25

Where can I buy test lenses.  I've bought plus lenses from zennioptical and eyeglasspeople and neither is willing to sell me just the lenses.  I've been searching around forever for a place that sells just the lenses, and very strong ones at that.  The drop I had in September of 2015 from -1.75 to -1.25 was from incrementally jacking up the plus lens from -2 to -6 diopters.  I bought some +28 diopter plus lenses from eyeglasspeople but they would only sell them to me in frames.  Stacking lenses is much better than stacking glasses with handles on them.

I used natural means to get down to -3. 

Then I used plus lenses starting with the +.5 lens which I used from -3 to -2.25.  Then I used the +.75 lens and +1.00 lens to get to -2.  Then the +1.25, +1.5 and +1.75 and +2.0 lenses to get to -1.75.  One can see the diminishing returns.

I sensed going from the -4s to 0 was going to be really really tough, so I saved the heavy firepower after I hit my first plateau at -3.   Going from the -4s to -3 was relaxing the ciliary strain.  After that I had to change the shape of the eyeball which is much much harder.  I wanted to save the plus lenses for that phase. 


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