Author Topic: Is the plus lens safe, when you are at 20/40?  (Read 1251 times)

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Is the plus lens safe, when you are at 20/40?
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:57:22 AM »
Dear Friends,
I certainly had this question, as I interviewed ODs, scientists on this difficult subject.

We put our "nose on the page" and induce, "negative status" after years of doing this.  (This is completely normal.)

Then, we rush into an OD's shop, and DEMAND EXTREMELY SHARP VISION.  That is why ODs are in business.

But you have to "back off" and ask that perhaps you should have started with the plus, when you were still at 20/40.

Here is a video to discuss both those issues - on a scientific level.

If I were at naked-eye, 20/40 (or close to it), I would have that Snellen up, and I would be wearing a strong plus for all close work for at least one year.

It is VERY LOW COST to do it.  Right?  Do you fear the plus? Then you will not wear it.

The more you know - the better off you will be.


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Re: Is the plus lens safe, when you are at 20/40?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 04:33:48 AM »
Here are the "masterminds" of student doctors who reject plus lenses in reversing myopia. They don't even bother to even try it for themselves and then talk. Maybe their brain is super intelligent and can figure out the true answer by their brain only! Doctors who have tried plus lenses and commend positive are thought as having pseudomyopia or subjective judgement by those who deny. Some student doctors even accept it as a very logical solution.