Author Topic: The complete destruction of our vision with the FIRST minus lens.  (Read 465 times)

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I have personal friends - who are "medical", that is ODs and MD.

I agree that dealing with the great, 'mass of humanity", in the sense of prevention (at 20/40) -- is impossible.

But here is what happens - when you put a young person in to a strong minus - and pretend that it is, "perfectly safe".

I only advocate - that you be INFORMED - of the possibility of prevention, when in High School, and still able to read the 20/40 line.

But will ANY OD "volunteer" this information to you.  The answer is a profound NO - because they do not think you have both the intelligence and motivation to take true prevention seriously.   That is total OD arrogance. 

Todd was successful because 1) He is an engineer, 2) He had a "weak" prescription, 3) He took long-term plus wearing very seriously,  4) He took passing the 20/40 line (DMV REQUIREMENT) very seriously.

I do not advocate that a person attempt to work on "prevention" unless he is like Todd.

I will enjoy your commentary on this issue.  The question is this.  "Do you want a discussion about this issue, while you can still read the 20/40 line?"   

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Re: The complete destruction of our vision with the FIRST minus lens.
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hi Otis

How would you explain this study - available for years but I have just found this when surfing (it is from a renown university) ?
As you are from US, is it possible you can get more details on the study ?
I can see it is rather not  a "rigid" study as they must have surveyed the children how often they wore glasses.