Author Topic: Review of, "End Myopia", and my personal motivations - to help my relatives.  (Read 1493 times)

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1)  I always enjoy intelligent conversations.
2)  I never say, "cure", only "avoid".
3)  I am interested in objective science, that shows that "just prevention" is possible at self-measured 20/40.  (Self measured -1 diopter.)

4) To better understand forces "out side" of medicine - I would listen to Jake's commentary about people who love the minus lens - and hate the concept of "prevention" at 20/40.

5)  Is the "Plus Lens" prescribed - for long-term wear - by children.  Here is part of the answer.

(Statement by Ophthalmologist Dr. David Guyton.)

If no one prescribed and wore the "plus", my arguments would be weak.   But in fact the plus is prescribed.  What you conclude - must be a matter of your educated choice.

That is all I ask of a medical person, and all that I ask of myself.  My commentary to Jake and his efforts - eventually for his own child.

Hi Jake - You describe the problem, exactly.  I am an Electrical Engineer - my profession.  In fact, when my parents learned of my interest, they did wonder about why I did not, "conform" to classical medical dogma.  Eventually I found (by personal interview) an OD who told me the bitter truth about this issue.  But I still get the reaction you describe.  It is so bad, that I would almost prefer to NOT USE the word, "myopia", because of that reaction -  you describe so accurately.  As I sat with this insightful OD, I realized that my vision had been destroyed by that first minus lens.  I resolved that I would at least help my own, blood relatives - to never get caught in that minus-lens trap.  While I respect medicine, I also know they do not mean, "harm", but they are arrogant about fundamental science, facts and experimental reality.  That arrogance prohibits a rational discussion -- in an office.  If you even TRY to talk to them,  you get the reaction you described,  "... are you trying to tell me how to practice medicine?  Are you an optometry doctor?"  More power to you Jake!  On a scientific level - you have won!

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