Author Topic: Why no MD will ever help you at 20/50, and -1.0 diopters.  (Read 1944 times)

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Why no MD will ever help you at 20/50, and -1.0 diopters.
« on: December 26, 2017, 03:04:44 PM »
Todd was both very smart - and very motivated, when at 20/50.  (About -1.5 diopters).
Did he go to a medical person and BEG HIM FOR HELP.  Or was he smart enough to know the scientific truth - in this video.

They treat every one the same.  Have a hard time reading the 20/50 line?  You are considered both too stupid, and to low motivated to take any "preventive step", under your wise educated, persistence.

Yes, I use two lenses, for reading.  D1 is for reading at 24 inches.  (About a +2.25)
My D2 - is about 16 inches.  I use about a +3.25 for that distance.

Some people are very lucky, when they pass the 20/40 line - on their home Snellen.  Do you check?  Where are you?

I do not ask a person to do something - that I would not do.  But I limit my support for truly motivated people, who are still able to read the 20/50 line, although slightly blurry.

This i not in medical, just hold up a minus lens, impress the person and send him on his way.

Science - has to be more than doing that.