Author Topic: Is it all about money?  (Read 761 times)

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Is it all about money?
« on: June 29, 2015, 04:22:10 AM »
I know optometrists who are "good" about their own children.
 (i.e., they persuade their own children to begin wearing the plus at 20/30, and continue to do so, during the school years. )
That works.  The child never become nearsighted.

But personally, I think it is more about education, insight an long-term motivation.
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Re: Is it all about money?
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I am convinced, by SCIENCE, that I MUST start wearing a plus, at 20/40.

To do that, I must understand this issue - and the long-history of "plus rejection" by the ignorance of the public:

  Note From the Web Master:   I'd like to add that in my own experience, the optical profession is made up of highly qualified, competent, caring individuals, some of whom I happen to disagree with.  Regardless, I do not envy their positions, for they face quite a dilemma.  The existing standard for treating nearsightedness is to let it run wild; traditional treatments do not help nearsightedness, and quite probably make it worse.  On the other hand, in adopting newer treatments for nearsightedness the brave ones risk raising the eyebrows of parents, patients, and colleagues alike with unfamiliar treatments that most of us are not accustomed to. That there is a spirited debate between the two camps should not be taken as any sign of disrespect for the optical professionals we so depend on -- none is intended.   ja]

I NEVER want a fight with an OD.  It is angry, and produces  no "light" of learning.  But I want my intelligence respected - always.  Tragically, that has never happened.   The problem of "negative status" for the totally natural eye STARTED with Johann Kepler.  He used the minus for the practical reason that it "worked".  But he never caught up with the fact that the minus CAUSES MYOPIA - ALL BY ITSELF.

I need to be told this - because it is science.

The OD does not want to tell me this truth - so my vision is totally screwed up - because most of these OD do not understand objective science.



Any person who wants this type of assistance, must understand that the young child will be wearing a "plus lens", when the child has 20/20 (but a refractive state of only  0.0 diopters.) Until the parents understand this necessity, no optometrist can practice TRUE PREVENTION. I would read Maurice's commentary, with this analysis in mind.