Author Topic: Asking the OBVOUS question - "What will happe if *I* ..."  (Read 1590 times)

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Asking the OBVOUS question - "What will happe if *I* ..."
« on: March 31, 2013, 07:16:36 PM »
Subject:  If I were at 20/40 to 20/50, and entering  a four-year college - and some person suggested *I* wear a plus for the four years.

1) I would - run screaming away from him.
2) Check with my local optometrist - who would inform me that, "prevention is crazy".
3) Ask him WHY he advocated plus-prevention for me.
4) Have a great fear of wearing a plus - for all close work
5) Ask what possible advantage would exist for myself - if I wore the plus.

If I were an "average" liberal-arts students - I probably would not wear the plus.  I mean the "minus" is SO MUCH EASIER.

If I had a plan to qualify as a pilot, (commercial or military) I would WANT to get to 20/20, and a positive refractive state. 

Quite frankly I would not wear the  plus - unless I had additional facts and science - that I *might believe*.

The required FACT that would help me - was the knowledge that if I did nothing at all - my vision would go down by an additional -1.5 diopters in four years

The key issue is being in a specific situation where the "down" rate was public knowledge, and I would have reason to TRUST the person who was providing me with the education and advice.  We know for a fact that Todd did it - but I am curious about your thoughts on this issue.

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Re: Asking the OBVOUS question - "What will happe if *I* ..."
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2013, 04:34:09 AM »
Subject: I promote a large degree of PERSONAL responsibility. I know that I "draw" that line - to make YOU personally responsible.

Regarding: Why a man (optometrist) does not know you, and does not now HOW TO HELP YOU.  This is indeed the CRITICAL legal issue.  It is a "show stopper" when you think about it.

1) He can not "under-prescribe you". The reason is that if he does, and you
have an "accident" - he is legally responsible for that accident. He can be
sued. That will always prevent him from even DISCUSSING "limited"

2) I also agree that YOU must personally pass the 20/40 line, and eventually
EXCEED the 20/40 line by a great deal - and a goal.

3) This requires PERSONAL monitoring of your own Snellen.

4) I argue that you must use your common sense here. You can obtain your own
minus lenses "On Line" - if you are working on true-prevention.

5) MOST ODs and shops WILL NOT DISUCSS THESE ISSUES with you. I understand WHY
they will not discuss them - but I wish they would. They are VERY important to

Here is a review of these issues by Alex:


Subject: Getting glasses, "On Line".

Regarding:  On the flip side of "going to an optometrist":

If they are massively overpriced, and have a bad attitude about giving you lower
prescription lenses, they are not worth supporting. Some shops just worry about
liability, or simply don't believe that your body is capable of ever functioning
without crutches (which conveniently, they sell).

No big deal. Maybe one in five, or one in ten shops, could be worth your time.
Depending on your preference, internet shopping of course is cheaper and you can
order whatever you like – no hassles.


I would GLADLY PAY FOR SUPPORT. But I can't get it from ODs. This leaves me
no choice but to "do it myself". I regret that I MUST do is myself - but I
understand that the "LEGAL ISSUE" prevents them from helping me.

As long as I PASS the DMV line (at the DMV office) I can avoid the wearing of a
minus lens. But assuming I read the 20/30 line, I would be WORKING with my plus
lens, in a continuous way - until I began to exceed the 20/25 line - as a matter

This was the one topic that is very difficult for me.  I don't want to give ODs a "hard time", and I do not want to "practice medicine".

But - given the long history of this problem - and the fact that Optometrists JUDGE that they will have huge LEGAL PROBLEMS if they "step out of line" - I think I don't have any choice at all - but to:

1) Get my own Snellen, and read it
2) Get my own "check" trial lens - to measure my refractive STATE myself
3) Assuming I read the 20/50 line, then wear the plus for all close work - until I exceed the 20/40 line.

This does not mean I will "quit" when I exceed the 20/40 line.  In fact, I would intensify my wearing of the plus until I got to 20/20 (refractive STATE of zero to +1/2 diopter.)

It was in fact and optometrist who taught me this truth.