Author Topic: Prevention means "Doctor FAILURE"  (Read 1473 times)

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Prevention means "Doctor FAILURE"
« on: July 08, 2013, 04:35:43 PM »
Dear Friends,
Subject:  No doctor can EVER "prescribe true-prevention".
Reference:  All the doctors who I know - who talked about it.

This statement does NOT mean that I am "anti-doctor".  Far from it.  It is just that I realized that true-prevention - is never in, or part of their profession.

This means that you "catch" the problem (by monitoring your own Snellen) BEFORE you go below 20/40 - in an absolute sense.

The problem is this - NO ONE actually monitors their Snellen!  I don't know why that is true - but it is the truth.

Some doctors have intuitively UNDERSTOOD that the fundamental eye is "dynamic" - but could not find the right words to describe what they accurately understood - for themselves.  We rely WAY to much on a doctor to prescribed EVERYTHING for us.  I have no desire to "fight" with a doctor, and would be very angry if I was put into a position where I had to.

Some of you have asked about this issue - of "doing everything yourself", when you can still read the 20/60 line - by "home checking".  For those of you who actually check -  and are "lucky" - then prevention is possible.

I will show you how to do it.  I will also explain why some people with a -2.0 diopter prescription, are able to pass the STATE-required vision acuity test.   I also NEVER use the word "error" to describe a self-measured refractive STATE.  The bias starts when the wrong descriptive word is used - with all the false assumptions.