Author Topic: Eyesight without glasses  (Read 443269 times)

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Re: Eyesight without glasses
« Reply #1215 on: February 23, 2016, 01:11:00 AM »
Yes CanuckKid, you can add the diopters this way, for example -3D contact lenses while wearing glasses +2D makes -1D.

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Re: Eyesight without glasses
« Reply #1216 on: February 24, 2016, 05:34:02 AM »
I was about to ask the same question! Thank you Alex for the answers.

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Re: Eyesight without glasses
« Reply #1217 on: February 29, 2016, 09:50:52 AM »
I have seen so some improvement with plus lenses. But it does not stick for me yet. But I am committed to it.

I got lasik 13 years ago and recently got -1.5 in left eye and -0.25 in right eye. I am 38 and the doctor said not to correct it as this is a good situation as hyperopia approaches. Which was nice for an OD to suggest. However, I struggle with my vision as it is no longer clear. I started the plus lens approach mainly following Todd's video.

I am in front of computer all day, so I started using +0.75 for about 1.5 to 2 feet away for about 2 hours a day for 3-4 days a week. (I could not adjust to +1 or higher). At night I use +1.25 for near reading - I use this 2-3 times a week for 30 mins each. This is for subtle print pushing when I can during this time. I have been at it for about a month. I do not force print pushing, I know it is happening though as i am on edge of blur often during this time. I am just trying to incorporate these plus lenses in my routine rather than forcing.

For distance, I did get under prescribed lens, but I do not used it much really. I have kept -1 for left and 0 for right for car driving at night, I used these distance glasses twice recently and felt I saw everything with -1 left / 0 right glasses. This inspired me because after 1 month of plus lenses i am just fine with -1 in left yet and I see just fine. But I dropped from -1.5. So now I am trying to do everything right so I can restore complete vision.

But some days I feel that my distance vision is deteriorating. I see blurry. Like oscars yesterday. I do get patches of clarity when I blink or put dry eyes tears. But I am getting tired of doing it. I have a slight headache most of the time. Can this be due to adjusting to plus?

I need help and guidance. Is my approach of correct? Plus for near, I rarely use distance glasses, but I got under prescribed by -0.5. I know I haven't measured or logged my vision, I should. Any suggestions on best approach.

Is the difference in my 2 eyes so much that I need different PLUS corrections for each eye? Any suggestions on how much?
Should I try to look more in distance (I don't do that much). Should I try to patch my dominant right eye for atleast 30 mins.

I think it is in my head that I see blurry, I did not feel like that a few months back before I went to optometrist.

Either way, I wish to get over this and could use your suggestion Todd.

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Re: Eyesight without glasses
« Reply #1218 on: August 02, 2016, 12:24:36 AM »
what about computer glasses they sell at optometrists like these;
Will they help protect eyes from becoming worse?