Author Topic: Legal Reasons - why an OD can not help you.  (Read 1268 times)

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Legal Reasons - why an OD can not help you.
« on: December 05, 2013, 05:04:22 PM »
Subject: It was Raphaelson who made me aware that no OD could ever prescribe prevention.

He used a "plus one" on a child with vision of about 20/40 (and perhaps -3/4 diopters), and the child could function with that plus on his face.  The parents had NO IDEA what Raphaelson was doing, or attempting to do.  (I would add that Raphaelson insisted that his OWN CHILDREN wear the plus - all the time - for prevention, and even with 20/20.)  That is the correct idea - but it MUST be the parent who guides the child in the "wearing of a plus".

Thus the "key" is what a wise parent will do for his own children.  But there is a powerful THREAT for any OD who gets "involved" with plus-prevention.  For me, it explains why I have to 1) Wear the plus myself. 2) Check my own Snellen for visual acuity and refractive status, and 3) Always understand that I must pass the LEGAL 20/40 line, or I do not drive a car.

Since I can not get an OD to agree with me on the need for prevention, I simply make the required measurements myself.

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