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Medical Opinion on Prescription.
« on: February 11, 2014, 12:00:21 PM »
Subject: Why I check my own eyes (at 20/20) and "prescribe" glasses for myself.

Here is an ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins.  Here is the surprise.  He says that the, "old wives" were correct, that the minus lens is a, "problem", and that it would be good to AVOID wearing it.  (That means, to me, passing the 20/40 line, and wearing the plus - under *my* control.)

The tragedy, is that no medical person will make the "recommendation".  I think this is because prevention is simply not a medical subject or a medical interest.  But you are truly "on your own"  - if you wish to practice prevention on yourself.

The critical issue is this - do you believe in statistics - and the need to do this yourself?

I just think that true-prevention is totally "out of scope" for anyone with a medical title.  It is tragic that they will not "involve" themselves in a formal "pure prevention" study - but they will not.