Author Topic: Why do I fear wearing the plus - at 20/40?  (Read 1460 times)

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Why do I fear wearing the plus - at 20/40?
« on: January 06, 2014, 04:37:45 PM »
Subject: Any new idea or concept - always creates fear.

I know you can never "prescribe" a plus for exactly that reason.  I know that few of you are wearing the plus at this time.

I respect the person who says that, and chooses "exercise" to get back to 20/20.

But I do not fear the plus - but I do limit probable success to a starting value of 20/40 to 20/60 on your personal Snellen.

This is indeed a "sticking point" for any formal scientific study - where each person could be challenged to wear the plus for six months.

If everyone turns it down - then no scientific study can exist.   (If all studies are medical studies.)

Would any of you be willing to be part of that type of study.  (I am thinking about the Dr. Bates study - for a comparison.)

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Re: Why do I fear wearing the plus - at 20/40?
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2014, 05:51:35 PM »
Hi Group,

The reason I raise this issue - is this.  You can not just "buy a plus" and wear it - with no understanding that plus-prevention is a long-term goal.  I person who does wear a plus (at 20/40 to 20/50), begins to "fear it". That ends his use of the plus - as described in this section.

I do advocate that pilots, entering a four year college with 20/40 vision (about -1.0 diopters) consider prevention.  Because we know for certain that, 1) His vision will simply go down by -1.5 diopters in four years - if he does nothing.  2) He potentially has the motivation to wear the plus - and overcome his fear of it.  3) He can understand the science that supports scientific prevention 4) He can be part of an organized group of intelligent, motivated people who can do what is obviously necessary.

But most people simply do not have that type of stamina.   No offense intended - but success is not easy.  I just argue that the person be taught to read his own Snellen, and technically teach himself to measure his own refractive state.

Self-measurements of BOTH issues - can be convincing.

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Re: Why do I fear wearing the plus - at 20/40?
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2014, 05:49:34 PM »
Subject: You should resolve this issue - by your own "method" - BEFORE you start wearing a plus.

Item: No person should plunge "blindly" into wearing a plus lens.  He should do his own research.

Otis> Mr. Zane had about 20/40, (about -1 diopter).  Both Todd and I attempted to "coach" Zane in his effort to wear the plus, "correctly".  Mr. Zane's lack of understanding, is what "shut down", his efforts.  Here is the conclusion that Zane reached about wearing the preventive-plus. 

Otis>  I would point out our statement was that you will not see any results - for about thee months - under the best conditions.  He could not wear the plus for three weeks.

Zane>  At this point I feel helpless. I feel lost. Vision is the most important thing. But, from me reading many sites, a lot of people are saying they know people that used the plus lens, and it made their eyesight worse or it caused cataracts.

Zane>  I do not know what is true and what is not true, but I just feel like now I will go blind.

Zane> I just need hard evidence whether it proves plus lense therapy works or it doesnt work. I have seen improvements in my vision, but for me now it is not enough. I need complete hard evidence that proves plus lense therapy works.

Zane>  I need more than stories. I need recorded data, and more than just line drawn charts.

Zane>  I am not trying to put down plus lense therapy, I was almost 100% sure, until I did more research, and tons of people from many sites are saying its not safe. I feel like I am in a corner right now. It is truely depressing.

Otis> I NEVER describe the plus as "therapy".  The plus is to get the refractive status of the natural eye - to change in a positive direction.  This is not medicine, and recovery is not a medical process.  Who are, "tons of people, saying..."?

Otis> I agree that it takes a "strong willed" person to begin the wearing of the plus (while the person still confirms 20/40, and -1.25 diopters).  There is no "answer" to Zane's question - since he did not do the research he needs.  He fears what he does not understand.  The minus always works, and has worked for 400 years.  I can understand why no OD or MD will ever address this issue of plus-prevention with him, while the problem is so "mild" at 20/40.

Otis>  The reason a pilot is successful with the plus - is that at 20/40, he NEEDS to get a refractive change of +1 diopters - to pass the FAA requirement.  That is a strong inducement to "over-come" your fear - and wear the plus in a logical disciplined manner, for the six to nine months that it will take to get to 20/25 or better.

Otis> I certainly refuse to make, "false claims", or would I have a person begin the wearing of a plus - until he understands the history of this problem of preventing threshold-myopia.

Otis> What I do, is to personally make all the measurements myself - thus I do not get into this "fear" questions with OD or MDs.  I think this is the critical issue for any study aimed at recovery from 20/40 to 20/20.  But I can not over-come a man's fear of wearing the plus with the dedication required to get good results.

Otis> As a balance, for those who "fear" the plus, let me state that I personally, "fear" the minus - because of the way the natural eye responds to an imposed minus lens - as pure science:

Otis>  I understand the frustration of an OD in his office - who can impress you with a minus lens (as a quick fix).  But equally, that same minus lens can cause nearsightedness - all by itself.  That is why I "fear" the minus lens - in objective science.

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