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Visual Standards - as you clear your vision to normal.
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Subject: Visual Standards.
1)  20/20 is defined as being able to read 1/2 the letters correctly on the 20/20 line.  (The letters are 3/8 inch tall.)  If you read all the letters – that is damn good.  You should have a good light, or bright light on that Snellen – for consistency.
2) Most people can do SLIGHLY better than 20/20 – as defined above.  A minus (test lens) will show that you can “do better” if you wish.  (For instance a -1/2 exceeds the 20/20 line - with naked-eye 20/40.)
3) The eye has a total power of 60 diopters.  So you need a change of less than 1 percent of the eye’s total power to get back to 20/20.  (You can get that change in from 3 to 6 months of plus-wear).
4) There is a “discipline” about wearing the plus – that is like “weight loss”.  You must just be consistent, and persistent.
5) Do not “pressure” anyone to “wear the plus”.  Let the person decide for him/her self.
6) The “legal standard” is that we must read the 20/40 line to pass the DMV.  As far as prevention is concerned that is the “red line”.  You can not let your vision go below that line.  (For that reason, I would make the 20/30 line my "worst case" line.)
7) Most of us “let things go”, or will not “do anything” until we find we can’t read the 20/30 line.  (This is just “human nature” – that we do not like the discipline of wearing the plus, at 20/30).
Remarks to my nephew:
For yourself – it is very clear that had you NOT worn the plus from age 14, your vision would have gone down by –1/2 diopter per year.  Thus you would have become about a –3 diotper “myope” (20/200) if you
had not worn the plus through the school years.
That was the real “warning” I developed from understanding Raphaelson.  The science of Young’s study – has proven that point beyond any reasonable doubt.
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Re: Visual Standards - as you clear your vision to normal.
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Subject: One person's experience in clearing his Snellen back to "reasonable normal".

I know we all like success stories - here is one of them.

By Andreas:

I have been stuck with the double vision issue for months. I had -2,5 at my worst and at the moment I am wearing -1.5 and they provide decent vision indoors and in good lighting they give me flawless 20/10 vision. A -1 prescription provides 20/25-20/30 vision depending on the double vision. I will quote a post I made in another thread.

I think it would be interesting to talk about active focus. Since I started recovering my eyesight I learned to voluntarily tighten what I believe is the ciliary muscle in the eyes and when I tighten it my vision goes out of focus, but when I relax the muscle again my vision is clearer for a short while – better than it was before I tightened the muscle. I believe this is “active focus”.

I can do something else to temporarily improve my vision. I can blink hard and then after a second or two I get almost perfect vision. There is a bit of double vision but in very good lighting I can read the 20/20 (sometimes more) line even without a prescription after a hard blink. I was at -2,5 when I started so this is very effective. My theory is that blinking hard temporarily “flattens” the eye a tiny bit as opposed to the myopic eye that is elongated, and this would make the eye focus like an emmetropic eye.

I just did a snellen test. Without a prescription I could read the 20/50 line, although not flawlessly because of double vision. When I blink (not even a very hard blink) I can read the 20/15 line and a lot of the 20/13 line. What am I experiencing? Is this a flash of clear vision? Is this blinking ‘cheating’? It seems that after blinking I am really good at fusing double vision, so can this be a useful method to overcome double vision? Does anyone experience this like I do?

(From Dr. Alex's site.)

I post this to encourage you to continue your work with both the plus and this type of "blink" exercise.

Success is ALWAYS personal.  You do not succeed - with out intensive, and long-term commitment.


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Re: Visual Standards - as you clear your vision to normal.
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i experience the same blinking issues she described. it does seem like the only plausible answer is that the eye is elongated and a hard blink shortens the eye. It is not a clear flash.
this is a very annoying problems and requires hyperopic growth, but i am glad i am not the only one when experiences this.

essentially anyone who is 20/40-20/70 can use the "hard blink" technique to shorten the eye temporarily and read the 20/20 (and pass any restriction). a normal eye should not experience these blinking double vision.

this is why i tend to take these success stories with a grain of salt because the everyday functionality and the everyday v/a without "focusing and blinking" is more important.

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