Author Topic: Brutal Honest - from an Ophthalmolgist.  (Read 913 times)

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Brutal Honest - from an Ophthalmolgist.
« on: January 24, 2014, 06:31:39 AM »
Subject:  I always prefer to be told scientific truth - by medical people.

I acknowledge that, for prevention to exist, the person must start wearing the plus before he goes much below about 20/60 on his Snellen.

Here are some remarks by Dr. Alex, about your (and our) work on prevention, from various "levels" of nearsightedness.

What if you are using a "method" (Bates-exercise, or Raphaelson-plus) and see no results.  Here is an honest review.  How long will it take you to 1) Begin passing the required 20/40 line, and then 2) Eventually passing the 20/20 on your home Snellen?

I deeply appreciate the fact that Dr. Alex accepts all who enter his program.  This specific discussion is about a person who is -10 diopters myopic.  But not everyone will be successful.  It is good to have that discussion with your optometrist - before you start a preventive program with him.  It is good if he will broach this subject, while you still have naked eye 20/50 vision.

What do you think.  Do you believe your professional optometrist is OBLIGATED to discuss these issues with you, while you still have 20/50 vision.  Or do you approve his "dead silence" on these topics.

I think the OD is obligated to tell you - and let the "chips" fall where they may.  The OD believes he has NO OBLIGATION to discuss this subject with you.  I disagree - I say he does have that obligation.

The result?  He wins, and everyone else will lose.  At least Todd was successful, because he did it himself.

It is a fact that dead-silence that is the standard in an optometrist's office. Can a more honest discussion be developed out-side the office?

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