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my notes for snellen test with my -2.5 lens undercorrection:
1/17/14  (half on 20/50) so, 20/60
see full 20/50 and 20./40 making eyes halfway closed

1/24/14 after 1 hour n 30 mins of +3
and 20mins of +1
right away could see full 20/40 line.
after blinking 2-3 times i could see full 20/30
and read 6/7 of 20/25 line

Is this normal results after a few hours of plus?
Im assuming this is temporary and i'll have to do this daily to upkeep the results till they become permanant.

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Hi Videogamer,

If you are serious about "vision improvement", I would have you read this statement:

It is indeed fair minded.  It shows that some people are successful.  The only issue is this,
I use "Snellen Improvement" (since that is the only issue that matters), and not, "vision improvement".

Keep on working on the issue - but aim to pass the 20/40 line as an excellent personal objective.


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Great going, yeah I use a +3 as well :)

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Thanks guys. Yeah i started in mid december 2013. For the past month just did undercorrection for computer , tv and outside. But after that +3 use and great test, i am now using +3 for 2 hours on my iphone and or staring at the ceiling. I look forward to being able to use my computer with +1. Cus im on computer 5 hours a day. The tv experiment with the ppl wearing +3 watching tv and there eyes shortening a lil in just an hours time really gave me confidence in the helpfulness of the plus even with blur.