Author Topic: Dr. Alex Frauenfeld is a pseudonym.  (Read 3618 times)

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Dr. Alex Frauenfeld is a pseudonym.
« on: January 25, 2014, 05:08:01 PM »
Subject: This was recently published.

The information on his site is FREE.  You can make your own judgments about other statements made by Dr. Alex.

What he said is true - ophthalmologists are in fear of making the statement that "prevention is possible".
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Re: Dr. Alex Frauenfeld is a pseudonym.
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2014, 09:54:03 PM »
Subject: Fear of the "minus" and status-quo of doctors - in their office.

Item: I can understand the fear - but it creates a "myopia silence" - that is devastating.  I feel I am a victim of this silence - one way or the other. (I appreciate this man's honesty on that subject.)

Alex> Much of the information on this site goes against well established doctrine.  As they claim:  ”Myopia is irreversible, your only choice is to buy glasses”, it is the mantra of the retail establishments selling glasses, the world over.  This fallacy is genuinely believed by a vast number of practitioners (unless you look specifically for behavioral ophthalmologists, rather than get vision advice at optic shops).

Otis> I am glad Dr. Alex is very clear about the habit of excessive over-minus prescription.  It is indeed "killing" our distant vision - for life.  Why hide that truth?

Alex>  Upsetting beliefs tends to cause anger.

Otis> I am angry about this deadly silence - when I was at 20/40 and COULD HAVE WORKED MY WAY OUT OF IT - ON MY OWN.  I only ask that I be told the truth - when I was at that threshold.  We are all cheated out of our birth-right of good vision (even if we have to wear a plus to keep it.) But by telling us nothing - we must all suffer.

Alex>  Many in the field don’t take kindly to the mere mention of myopia rehabilitation.

Otis> This is where "choice of words" is very important. I say "change of refractive status", meaning you clear your own Snellen by your objective use of a plus (or exercise) if that is your choice.

Otis> But the objective requirement is on YOU alone, to always pass the 20/40 line (minimum requirement) and then eventually to get very close to 20/20.

Otis> For would-be professional pilots (who have 20/40, and can show 20/18 through a minus lens), I have no doubt but that they can get there.  But this most certainly is not medicine, and the "force of will", to wear the plus for many years (if necessary), is not the capability or interest of most people --  in my opinion.

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Re: Dr. Alex Frauenfeld is a pseudonym.
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2014, 09:50:42 AM »
Subject: Scientific truth-telling - and why it is never done in "medicine".

There are those who will object to Dr. Alex.  I do not.  I support the goal of true-prevention.

In fact, I asked critical questions in a doctor's office - and was lied to by his SILENCE.  Here are the questions I asked.

It was my efforts to find the right answer to these questions that led me to Dr. Raphaelson (who is similar to Dr. Alex - if the helps you understand).

The deep truth is this.  Johann Kepler (in 1590) did 14 years of intense close work.  His natural eyes changed their refractive STATE from about +1/2 diopter to -2 diopters - due to this type of close work.  He found that a -2 diopter cleared his vision - so he wore it. (Even he guessed that the 14 years of close work created negative status for his totally natural eyes.)  He was right in that judgment.

Today, the same, minus is used massively on the general public.  There has been no one to challenge 1) The problem of long-term close work on the refractive STATE of all natural eyes, and 2) The minus lens that is now proven to make matters far worse.

I maintain that what Dr. Alex is presenting (for FREE) can benefit you if you take his site seriously - as I do.

The only "line" that I draw is this - you must start this preventive process BEFORE your Snellen goes much below 20/40.  You can also expect the "silent treatment" if you ask questions in an OD's office.

So - who is telling scientific truth?

The fact that Todd had to figure this out (from Brian Severson's suggestions) speaks volumes about the effect of the extreme pressure on Dr. Alex - to SHUT HIS SITE DOWN.

He has EVERY RIGHT TO PROTECT HIS IDENITY - you would do the same thing in his position.

This is why I trust Todd when he states he got his vision back to normal - by wearing the plus - and by objective checking his own Snellen.  Now I know for certain that no OD or MD would ever help him.

Now - tell me I am wrong about this assessment.
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Re: Dr. Alex Frauenfeld is a pseudonym.
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2014, 12:57:56 AM »
Hi Otis,

I completely agree with you. I must admit I completely bought the whole story about the Austrian clinic run by A. Frauenfeld and his father before, having successfully rehabilitated thousands of myopes. Now I wonder a bit about this, as well as the trials run by the clinic about the ineffectiveness of the accomotrac device and prisms.

Having said that, in my personal opinion though, the site remains one of the most valuable and comprehensive sites on myopia rehabilitation currently available, and the most useful to those interested in prevention as well as  those with mild/moderate myopia.