Author Topic: The high price of "vision care"  (Read 811 times)

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The high price of "vision care"
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:30:55 AM »
Subject: What does prevention cost you?

Item:  What does an exam consist of?  What does it cost.  What responsibility should you take - to check yourself to preserve your distant vision - at very low cost?

Item:  I rely greatly on medical people.  I will pay for the exam - but I will always check my eyes myself - BEFORE I go for an exam.

Here is some, "optometry insurance" that suggests you can save $250 per year.  This implies that you are spending at least $1,000 per year for minus-glasses, etc.

My vision-protecting work, Snellen, trial-lens, persistence - costs me nothing at all.  For those who "master" this issue, their cost is also just a matter of self-motivation - to pre-empt the exam - by always passing the DMV line of 20/40.

Obviously it is never to the economic advantage of a man in an expensive office - to VOLUNTEER any information about plus prevention.  That is a major reason why Tom had to "figure out" how to do prevention himself.
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Re: The high price of "vision care"
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Here is a major problem. People pay hundreds of dollars for "eye care" insurance. That insurance covers an eye exam from an OD and a pair of glasses. To not waste the insurance, the person wants to "get his moneys worth". Even though he may not be myopic, he wants his glasses, so he goes to the OD who gives him an excessive prescription. He wears these glasses without thought and he uses the minus lens for close work because thats what all "smart" people do. A year later is destroyed.

This was what happened to me because my parents wanted to "get their moneys worth" from the insurance and get the glasses. I had positive refractive state at the time, so i was not myopic. but the OD said i had ASTIGMATISM. And it needs to be "corrected". This is NOT proper "eye care".