Author Topic: Do I feel I have been "cheated" by my optometrist?  (Read 2068 times)

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Do I feel I have been "cheated" by my optometrist?
« on: March 11, 2014, 05:56:15 AM »
Dear Friends,

Subject:  The answer is subtle - but yes.

I truly recognize that plus-prevention must be started - before you go below 20/50 or so on your home Snellen.  From what I have seen, the OD does not even "bother" to have you read a "clean" Snellen, but rather starts putting strong minus lenses in front of your eyes - trying for extremely sharp vision.  This process OMITS the need to inform you of plus-prevention, when it could be effective for you.

I have no problem, PAYING a first-time optometrist - to provide me with this critical information.  After all - this is a life-time problem if I even START wearing a strong minus lens all the time.

Failure to sit me down, and EXPLAIN this issue to me, is indeed a scam.  When any optometrist "skips" this step - he cheats me out of my ability to protect my distant vision - for life.

That being said, I know that the only alternative, is that I check my own Snellen - at home -  and always exceed the required DMV or 20/40 line.  Even if I did not drive a car - I would still standardize on that line.

I have 20/20 vision, objectively confirmed by myself.  The last time I went to an optometrist, he WANTED TO PRESCRIBE A LENS FOR ME.  I explained that I had 20/20, and pushed the "Phoropter" away and read 20/20.  He STILL wanted to prescribe a lens.  I do not like to "conflict" with an optometrist in his office.  But I do not like being cheated by ODs who do not do this checking, and support my desire to protect my distant vision - myself.

We need a full and open discussion of this issue.  But you will never get it from an optometrist in his office.

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Re: Do I feel I have been "cheated" by my optometrist?
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2014, 10:03:28 AM »
Why an optometrist will never "discuss" the wearing of a plus at 20/40, for your child.

There is a fear that the eye will "explode" if you wear the plus for prevention at 20/40.

Does heavy, consistent wearing of a plus (at 20/40) SCARE YOU?  If you are subject to these "fears", then you will not wear the plus.

This is why only a pilot at 20/40 should be in a prevention-recovery program.  Because he would have the time to understand the challenge of prevention - when entering a four year college.

So PLEASE do not expect any optometrist to discuss this issue with you.  This is why I make my own refractive measurements myself - because I completely agree that the public can not be "helped" in a "prescription office".

Yes, it does take real, educated intelligence to do this - and do prevention totally "alone".