Author Topic: Getting deaf - from long-term loud noise.  (Read 921 times)

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Getting deaf - from long-term loud noise.
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:54:54 AM »

Subject: How to prevent self-induced deafness.

Item: The difference between personal self-protection, versus getting a "hearing aid".

Item: I know we want "medicine" to solve all our problems.  With prevention - they can not do it.
I do not know if you remember thsi far back.  People got “deaf” from loud noise.  The MD fixed it with a hearing aid.
But for a long time they also said,  “avoid long-term loud noise”, wear low-cost, "hearing protectors".

(Very few people would do that - since the doubted that long-term LOUD caused hearing loss.)
Today – you see “ear muffs” for mowing the lawn, and other loud-noise events.
I take “prevention” with a plus.  Once you lost your hearing, ear-muffs do not work - it is too late.
We develop “negative status”, because long-term near.  (We only understand the minus as the “hearing aid”).
But the recommendation to “wear a plus” for long-term near – is VERY HARD TO SELL.  Like hearing loss, no one will take
the warning seriously.
So the “hearing aid” always wins.

In fact, the “ear muffs” (plus for near), requires good insights (to know what will happen if you don’t engage in long-term prevention) to succeed.
That is how I ‘separate” medical issues from scientific issue.
Let the person be the scientists.

Wear a hearing aid - and do not become deaf.
Do not make yourself excessively dependent on a “man in his office”.  He can not help you with prevention.