Author Topic: Plus lenses vs. distance pushing for computer slouching  (Read 7168 times)

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Re: Plus lenses vs. distance pushing for computer slouching
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Hi Chris,

I am pleased you are posting your progress.

I know we tend to "rely" on an Office-OD, but as you know, thay always over-prescribe by -1 diopter or so.

Chris>  As I have specified in my ‘signature,’ my last prescription (when I used to wear my contacts) was R -2 C -0.75 Axis 010 and L -1.5 C -0.75 Axis 180. Now, my recent check up states R -1 C -1.25 Axis 23 and L -0.75 C -1.25 Axis 169. It was very motivating to know that I went from -2 to -1 in my right eye and from -1.5 to -0.75 in my left eye in this amount of time. I really thank God I found this website and that I kept pushing myself even when I wanted to give up, and also thank Dr Alex very much for his method.

Otis> As you know I totally support Dr. Alex as a powerful force for change. 

Otis> But I will suggest that if you checked your own Snellen in bright light - you could probably read the 20/40 line.  (This would pass the DMV requirement.)  In an indoor Snellen you would have 20/40.  On an out-door Snellen - probably 20/25.

Otis>  I know that ODs seem to think you want a very, very strong minus.  I do not argue with them.  I just have my own "home Snellen" and $9 minus lens - and check both these issues myself.

Otis> While I do not argue for prevention with people who are wearing a -8 diopter minus, I do support people who have 20/40, and can wear a stronger plus (for all close work), and gradually self-confirm 20/20.

Otis> None of this will ever be easy.  But it is possible. 

Best of luck,

Hi Otis,

Yeah, still wearing the plus. Something I know for sure is that I've learned quite well the danger of the minus (while worn up close) cause for a time I wanted to stop and go back to wearing contact lenses again (just because I don't like spectacles) but just for knowing how wearing the minus up close can elongate the eyes I reconsidered my decision.

Sometimes my problem is more with the results and not with wearing the plus. Since I started the "plus lens method" just by completely taking off my contacts, I feel it's kind of harder to keep track of my results. That's why I tried the Frauenfeld method, but I didn't really adopt it completely. I went for an eye check up and here's my progress: . But then I think that astigmatism prescription might be over-prescribed but I don't really have the money to be paying more check ups.

Anyways, I'll keep doing the plus method and hope that maybe I'll gain more improvements. I think that if I could completely clear out the 20/25 line I would be fine haha.
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Re: Plus lenses vs. distance pushing for computer slouching
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It is noticeable that although chris' eyes both improved in myopia his astigmatism became higher. Me too I have some ghosting. Is is possible that our eyes don't heal evenly in all meridians and thus the ghosting-added astigmatism after some heal in myopia?

Dr Alex suggest that for low myopia we may even not use cylinders since our vision is quite good even without them.

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Re: Plus lenses vs. distance pushing for computer slouching
« Reply #17 on: January 04, 2016, 03:49:58 AM »
Late update, I've finally figured a simple way to play with the monitor distance.

A free-standing monitor floor stand, separates the monitor from the desk.
One can then move the desk away as far as they want, and as a bonus it doesn't require drilling anything.

Just bought one, will slowly push my desk away and post here if there's any good results

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Re: Plus lenses vs. distance pushing for computer slouching
« Reply #18 on: January 06, 2016, 05:48:59 AM »

    For many people trying to reduce or avoid nearsightedness, reading glasses (plus lenses) used as described above will be enough, but they aren't perfect.  The idea behind preventing nearsightedness is to reduce the tress of close work, but there are two sources of that stress -- plus lenses only do half of the job.  Specifically, the two strains suspected of causing nearsightedness are the strain of focusing the eye (accommodation), which plus lenses mostly relieves, and the strain of pointing the eyes inward (convergence), which plus lenses do not help -- even wearing plus lenses, your eyes still have to point inward to look at something close, and if you do this a lot then it might encourage nearsightedness.  For this reason, even wearing plus lenses it's a good idea to get as far away from your closework as you possibly can, which will reduce the convergence effort required of your eyes. I find that reading at 50cm or more, and sitting 70cm from my computer screen is enough to eliminate most of my vergence accommodation.

    So, they aren't perfect, but plus lenses will do the job for many, will help many others, and they are an easy $10 (or less) experiment.  I've read many papers on the topic, and while not all researchers believe plus lenses will help, none I've read has ever suggested that they are dangerous or harmful in any way, and very many recommend them.  So, in my humble opinion, plus lenses are definitely worth trying. They helped me.