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Subject: The Frequently Asked Question.

Is getting your vision to go from 20/40 to 20/20 even possible?  (About a change of +1.0 diopters - self-measured?)

The answer, is yes, if you have the ability to face the fact that plus-prevention requires long-term determination, and an ability
to trust your own judgments and measurements.


Assuming the doctor will push the Phoropter away, and have you look directly at the Snellen, (and you read the 20/40 line), and
then he says, "the minus lens works, but it has adverse effects".  Would you be interested in wearing the plus for prevention?

If the person is poorly educated, or badly informed, he will always ask this question:

Patient>  "Do you mean that I must wear glasses - to avoid wearing glasses"?  "Are you crazy -- or something"?
Are you trying to cheat me in some way?  Do you take me for a fool? 

That generally ends any further discussion about effective prevention, for the person who can still read the 20/40, and
thinks that, "... it is not get that bad", or, "I do not need this intrusion (wearing a plus for all close work) in my life".

There are some people have taken plus-prevention seriously, and slowly gotten back to normal.  But
it truly takes a person with deep scientific insights and knowledge to do it.

No one in optometry is going to do it for you - for the above reasons.
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