Author Topic: Is "Money" the reason why prevention support is not offered?  (Read 865 times)

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Is "Money" the reason why prevention support is not offered?
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:05:24 PM »
Dear Friends,

I respect the fact that medicine is a "default" profession.  There is also the issue that you make more money by providing a "default" minus lens, rather than telling scientific truth, about the need for prevention.

It is not "just money", but it is also a matter of the person recognizing that the "default" minus - is given, because it is so easy.

What do you think? Do you think an OD or MD should be obligated to discuss prevention, when you still have 20/40 (about -1 diopter) and could get out of it?
If you have the resolve to do it?

What is remarkable, is when an ophthalmologist spells it out for us.

I do not quite consider "negative status" to be manufactured.  I do accept that in the early stage it is indeed, "self-induced".  I also accept that we only get a "default" minus lens - often very excessive.  But how to you avoid the "default" - but to take prevention seriously, when you still can verify 20/40?

We fear, to do prevention ourselves.

I wish no, "ill will" from a medical person.  But I do respect those who finally identified the minus as a terrible "default" idea.  Sitting in their office, they can not judge you, your interests, your motivations, your insight.  Here is a short video describing this situation - to 'clear the air'.

I want no "fight" about self-protection, with plus.  But I appreciate the people who have fought against the "default" minus lens - for the last 100 years.

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Re: Is "Money" the reason why prevention support is not offered?
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Subject: Motivation - why do people work on preventing "negative status" for the natural eye?

I know Tom has his motivations.  But this is an interesting statement - so we can all consider this question:

Where The Money Goes (And How You Can Help)

I made a rule for myself, when I began this site as a vision improvement resource.

A number of colleagues and friends advised that this project would drive me mad as well as empty my bank accounts.  As I am a bit of a cautious individual by nature, I looked for a compromise – hear their concerns, but also not be dissuaded in bringing this resource online. 

My compromise rule was this:

I’d donate my time to the site.  All tangible monetary expenses, would have to be covered by donations or some form of paid program.

In the beginning, there actually was no paid program at all.  It was all free.

But then I quickly started to learn that my friends were right.  Aside from the massive learning curve, a site like this is an expensive undertaking (for someone like me, without a relevant skill set).

The cheap hosting turned out to be a big mistake.

So did my idea of figuring out all the necessary code and design on my own.  Many sleepless nights ensued, trying to fix broken things, and recover lost content from backups.

Over the course of a year, I spent quite a bit on professional advice and help.  I also mis-spent even more, on what I later learned appears to be common in the field of Web related providers – a whole lot of people know a whole lot less, than they lead on.

Hosting, Support, Programming, and Design Isn’t Cheap.

I kept being told by various people, that you can run a site like this for nothing, by using open source […]

Dr. Alex


My own motivations were to understand if my "habits" created negative status for my natural eyes.  Then I wanted to understand WHY an OD in his office - is no help to me. 

Further, I did not want anyone to repeat the mistakes *I* made, and to learn as much as possible about the degree to which ENTRY into myopia - could be avoided.

I had no desire to see my sister's children get caught in the "self-induced", myopia trap. 

But, indeed prevention is still very difficult for most people.  Essentially they can not be, "bothered" with it when at 20/40, and -1.0 diopter.