Author Topic: Why don't hearing-aid Salesmen discuss "Prevention of Deafness" with ear-muffs?  (Read 897 times)

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Dear Friends,

Subject:  How "hearing protection", became a "personal issue", for personal resolution.

Tom answers the question, "Who am I", and what do I advocate?  That is always a good scientific question, and becomes
part of the scientific answer about how a person, under his control, and prevent entry into nearsightedness (negative state of the totally natural eye by my understanding of it), and how do you motivate a person to have that kind of motivation.

I indeed asked many of the questions that Tom Lu has asked.  But I also asked very sincere optometrists (who had retired) about how they help their own children avoid the problem - completely.

That was in deed a shock, because this OD understood that he self-induced his negative status, and realized that if the plus were not  worn, "early", the child would lose his vision because of the eye's natural adaptation of its refractive state to the AVERAGE of its visual environment.

The optometrist in his office has already determined that "prevention will always be impossible".  (With the rare exception of Raphaelson and Dr. Alex.  They will tell you that "long-term wearing of a minus is, "perfectly safe".  There is a massive scientific basis for recommending that a minus never be worn if you can read the 20/40 line, and that the minus should only be worn in "emergency".  I have heard ODs make the recommendation to parents that the child keep his minus on, "all the time" because if he takes the minus off he will, 1) Lose it and/or 2) Break it.  Here convenience "trumps" common sense.

I will post a number of remarks I made to my sister's children about the need to wear a plus, the way you wear "ear muffs" for hearing protection.  I would insist that wearing ear muffs, is not a "prescription", and therefore not medical.  I say the same thing about 1) Wearing a plus for near (with 20/40 vision), and indeed my "practice of optometry on myself". 

This is to escape the mindless over-prescription habit of too many ODs - who have no "time" for you and these discussions.

I wish an OD had taken the time with me for these discussions. 

Here an OD is asked the question, "Can myopia be cured".

She then proceeds to NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION.  It is this type of "evasiveness" of an OD in his office that "drives me up the wall".

I appreciate a DIRECT answer to a DIRECT question.  You will never get that from an OD, "in practice".

I think both Tom Lu and I want to provide honest answers at this point - and let the chips fall where they may.

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