Author Topic: Is prevention (at 20/40, and -1 D) possible?  (Read 729 times)

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Is prevention (at 20/40, and -1 D) possible?
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:39:28 AM »
Subject: Why do they practice true-prevention in Russia - but not in the USA?

I had to LEARN how to prevent from an optometrist from Europe - because no one in the USA was interested in telling the truth about plus-prevention, and the consequences of refusing to wear it correctly - and successfully.

Some ODs teach themselves prevention - for their own children.  That works - if the child will actually wear the plus, and the father will take prevention seriously.

Here is some commentary on plus-prevention.

The highest level of success - is when the person actually monitors his own Snellen, wears the plus, and slowly begins reading the legal-requirement, of confirming 1/2 the letters on the 20/20 line.  That does not sound too difficult - but it is, and it takes time.

I know that some of you are indeed doing exercise, and confirming this legal 20/20.  But what is truly required, is that the wearing of the plus continue, until you can read the 20/20 line though a +3/4 D lens.  That indeed will give you continuous 20/20 with the confidence you need.

This type of effort is indeed personal, and success is the matter of the person simply confirming this change in refractive state himself.  This type of solution is simply not a "medical solution", since you are forced to do it yourself.  That is the real implication of Dr. Alex's analysis and statements.

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