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Stretching/touching around the eye socket
« on: April 29, 2014, 11:55:14 AM »

I have been trying a different approach to my attempts at vision improvement which seems to be having a noticable effect. I wondered why I haven't seem it done elsewhere because it seems quite a simple and obvious technique to do.

Essentially what I do is simply apply a slight bit of pressure around edge of the eye with my finger which pulls the eye out slightly.  I then focus on an object whist attempting to trace a line or something whilst also relaxing and letting go with my vision.  I also combine this with darth valor type ujjayi breathing.   The net effect of all this is that its quite easy to create tears or manufacture a clear flash.   The object may be just a blur but if the intention is good under the right conditions sharpness may appear which I can maintain with the breath.     

The key difference here is that I am using my fingers to identify tension which I then blink out.  Certainly the tension and blur returns but I have started to notice sharpness in by blur which is something that I have not seen appear so easily before.

I was a bit worried trying this at first in case I damaged my eyes but so far its all been very positive.

Seems such a simple technique and wondered is there were any risks or if someone else has tried it.

I am 52 years old and beening wearing specs pretty much all my life and am quite optimistic with this approach ... at the moment....

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Re: Stretching/touching around the eye socket
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2014, 11:56:24 AM »
Thought I would give an update on my findings to see if anyone responds.   I have been trying NVI for a few years and had some limited success with PVS but disagreed with some points and  omissions with that technique some of which I see has been confirmed on this forum.

I have been working with the CRB process which I have combined with eye stretching into the one exercise.  I also have lots of yoga experience and base this technique strongly in that camp.

What I do is basically open my eyes slightly wider with my fingers and then relax the eyes and gaze at an object.   Sometimes everything become clear - or needs to be blinked to get clarity. Sometime I trace lines and now as the eyes as slightly offset its much easier to achieve clarity.  Its as if I have moved the eyes into their correct alignment.  It does not take much finger pressure to offset the eyes. 

Eye tracing looks to have a strong effect as any eye movement seems may be using the constricted muscles and so may produce tears.

This is not something that I have seen mentioned anywhere and it seems that manipulating the eyes directly is a  taboo subject for NVI techniques .  I was very concerned when I started out but have seen its very simple to create a clear flash or produce tears which can feel like toxins being released.

What I have noticed is that the extraocular muscles need to be pushed out and away from in front of the eye to remove blur.   Its as if these muscles have mis-shaped the eye and so need to be pushed back to their normal alignment and away from in front of the eye which in my case I have seen a few times.  It seems a particularly strong exercise and may need to be compensated  by tightly closing the eyes for a while which becomes very relaxing.

I also palm afterwards and my hands get warm so I know that something has been activated in my eyes.
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Re: Stretching/touching around the eye socket
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2014, 04:04:54 AM »
It is noticeable that with just a little pressure in the eyes and moving them not even 1mm a whole diopter may clear instantly!. Meaning that nearsighted have generally good eyes and only the refractive state is too bad.