Author Topic: Why should anyone want to prevent myopia?  (Read 920 times)

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Why should anyone want to prevent myopia?
« on: May 14, 2014, 07:22:36 PM »
Dear Friends,

I truly know how difficult, "just prevention" is for all of us.  But somehow, an optometrist never seems to be able to face the situation of personal prevention (at 20/40, and -1 diopter). 

We always get a strong minus lens, and it just gets worse, and worse and worse.  Here is what a highly qualified optometrist states about prevention.

I would GLADLY pay for advice (at 20/40 and -1 diopters) to wear the plus, monitor my own Snellen, and slowly clear my 20/40 vision to 20/20.  This would not be a "bi-focal", since the "minus" blocks recovery.

Perhaps the most important question to ask an "prevention minded OD", is this:  What are you doing to help your own children avoid entry into myopia?  There are truly only two answers:

1)  I give them a strong minus lens - as I was taught to do it in OD college.

2) I help them by insisting that they a) Sit up and 2) Wear a preventive-plus for all close work.

I would like to hear the OD discuss this possibility with parent and child - before the child wears the first minus lens.


Perhaps the most interesting response I get from most people - is this:

No response at all.

I  know if a person told me (when I was at -1 diopters, and 20/40), that my refractive STATE would go down by -1/2 diopter per year, for four years in college, for a result of -2.5 diopters and 20/120 vision.

I would ask, "how the hell did you come up with that prediction for my vision, during four years in college."

Not one person posting here - ever asked my how I came up with that number.

I know I would ask the question - to see if I believed it true or not true.

If I believed in the accuracy of the statement, I would wear the plus for the purpose of true-prevention.  If I did not believe the statement, then I would not take plus-prevention seriously, while I could still read the 20/40 line.

It is very clear that this type of prevention, is an intrusion in the life of the person who "commits" to doing this long-term wearing of a plus.

That is the real "show stopper" for prevention.

A wise person will take this seriously.  An "indifferent" person will not take it seriously.

But this is simply not a "medical problem".  It only becomes a medical problem, when you can no longer read the 20/30 line.


The great failure of medicine.  They like to talk about prevention - because it makes them feel like they are using there "expertise", to "solve the myopia problem".

They never want to talk about threshold-prevention, where they become "part of the problem", and never "part of the solution".

That is what "medicine" is all about.  Sorry if I disagree.

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