Author Topic: Optometrist says "shame" about the destruction of our vision with a minus.  (Read 882 times)

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Subject:  Why does an optometrist hold up a sign, "SHAME" in silent protest against his fellow optometrists?

I searched for ODs who would tell me the truth about the dynamic natural eye, and how I must prevent it.  I have the freedom to think
and analyze this situation by scientific perception.  Here is an optometrist, Maurice Brumer, who objects to the un-fair treatment
you always get from an "office optometrist".  Just when you could have gotten yourself back to 20/30, 2/25 and 20/20, you
get and wear a full strength -2 diopter.  Your OD does not want to tell you anything, that the minus is the worst solution possible.
I appreciate Maurice's statement and courage to object.

It is indeed hard to object, when the avalanche of people only want extremely sharp vision instantly.  I say to that attitude, "shame on us".
Here is the complete face-book page.  (Prevention is based on science, and not on optometry.)

I wish you all success.  But it is after all, difficult to prevent, if you have no scientific interest in it.  The optometrist in his office will
figure you only want that strong minus, and put "sweetness and light", on that minus, and your "attitude".   I do not want
to be lied to anymore.  But you will have to choose how important naked eye vision is to you, and the visual acuity
standard you will test to.   As long as I exceed the 20/30 line, on my home Snellen, I am objectively successful.

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