Author Topic: Why are ODs not completely honest with you?  (Read 1015 times)

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Why are ODs not completely honest with you?
« on: October 04, 2016, 04:31:00 AM »
It is indeed tragic, to find out that some ODs know that:

1) Long-term close work, creates "nearsightedness" (prefer, negative state for totally normal eye), and

2) The minus lens they provide, simply accelerate, that (negative change) in refractive state

The above, is simple physics, now established by experimental science.  But WHY does an OD avoid telling you this - when you can still read the 20/40 line (about -1 diopter)?

I have had real problems with this issue - because I simply want to be told scientific truth - and *I* will make the decision to begin prevention - at that point.  (Yes - that issue is indeed the, "Elephant in the Room".  )

I think that the word, "patient" tells a large part of the story. ( Patient = ignorant person, who can not possibility understand
the above scientific facts. ) So it is just easier to ignore the science, put you into a strong minus lens (while you are
still at 20/40), and encourage your distant vision to become permanently lost.  If that sound brutal, well I
prefer objective science, to being "talked down to".  Maybe you prefer the comfort of a strong minus lens, and
never wish to "question" the OD or MD about this issue. 

Here are the remarks by, "Prevent Myopia", for your interest.

One thing I personally do not do is this.  I do not make, "excessive claims" - after all - I am not in this for the money.

I think the FIRST MINUS is deadly, and I will not "fight" about that issue.  The point is to gain the wisdom,  to START with prevention, while you have a weak or mild prescription (-1 diopter), and prepare for long-term plus wearing - with the goal of passing the 20/40 line - in your long life.

That issue, is again science, not medicine.  ODs prefer to avoid this type of discussion - for obvious reasons.

The issue of the plus, is that it will require, long-term wearing.  That perhaps is why an OD will not tell you anything.

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