Author Topic: Drugging a person to prevent "progression".  (Read 1442 times)

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Drugging a person to prevent "progression".
« on: July 10, 2015, 03:00:51 AM »
Subject: The drug atropine, is poison. 

You think that "medicine" is working very hard to help you avoid entry into nearsightedness.   Think again.

The true cost of their ignorance (the minus lens is safe), is that you will lose your distant vision - almost permanently. So what is their "new solution"?

The medical person would rater "drug" your child, with a poison, rather than discuss the wise wearing of a plus.  (The reason
he will not discuss plus-wear at 20/30, is that he judges that 1) You will not wear the plus, and 2) Plus prevention is not
"medically approved", and you will sue him.

The medical  person always assumes that any type of prevention, is either impossible, or totally out of the question. 

The medical person never assumes you are smart enough to "figure that out".  His mind is saturated with
this idea.  That no person will ever be smart enough to look at science itself, and realized that
both atropine, and the minus are deadly.

I agree that few people have the "insights" at 20/30, (and -1 diopter) to actually look at their own
Snellen, and if at 20/30, avoid wearing the minus.  Add to this, is the self-discipline of wearing
the plus for all near work, and you have ellimated all but the most determined, from successful self-prevention.

This is simply never a "medical problem".  Medicine, is pure default.  The minus lens only makes matters far
worse.  But -- it you must be wise about this issue.
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Re: Drugging a person to prevent "progression".
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You know it is funny.  OD will suggest the wearing of a strong plus (for near), and, with 20/40, NO MINUS LENS. That can have
the potential, of mild recovery, from 20/40 to 20/20.  (Subject to the person's extremely high motivation level.)  In fact,
pilots, who are so informed, STOP with the minus, ans always wear a strong plus for near.  Even though it take about
six to nine months, the in fact get to objective 20/25 and 20/20. 

But the medical solution honestly terrifies me.  Here is more on atropine.

If you object to wearing a strong plus for near (with self-confirmed 20/30), I wonder what you think of atropine.

I do not "kid" any one about this.  Prevention is not for the faint hearted.   In fact, long-term plus wear,
and objective self-checking of both Snellen, and (self refraction) is essential.