Author Topic: Philosophy: Why are medical people blind to fudamental SCIENCE?  (Read 2462 times)

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Subject:  I have had long experience with medical people -- so I have respect for them, in their office.

Re: But when you ask them "why" you often get "put downs" and "false facts" to back up a truly destructive (minus lens) "method" of practice.

I will open up this thread, to help myself understand this issue of "medical orthodoxy", and the destructive power that traditional practice has on all of us.

I am not "complaining" excessively, but I am endorcing Todd's success with the plus, and that we must understand some of this medical orthodox practice, if we are ever going to come to grips with the issue of preventing entry into myopia.  I will continue to post on this thread to show the science that supports Todd's success, as well as some of the arrogant-blindness" that forces the (wise) person to conduct prevention for himself (because no one in medicine is going to do it for you).

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Re: Philosophy: Why are medical people blind to fudamental SCIENCE?
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Have you heard of Dr. James Carlson? He rails against the medical establishment.

He often talks about walking Medical Doctors through basic biochemical processes they supposedly were taught in school. They all have the capacity to understand when it is clearly laid out for them, but the way they are taught these things is so dogmatic that they would never think to question them on their own. I think this is in large part due to the mentality that anyone who enters into a field with a huge cost / huge barriers to entry necessarily must adopt. Most doctors have spent something like 26 years of their life to get into "the club" and they will be rejected by it if they question the status quo.