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Re: Statistics, Science and Facts.
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Hi Torvald,

In spending many years on this subject, I was concerned with an accurate representation of the behavior of all natural eyes - as sophisticated SYSTEMS - not as "FAILURES".   So I look at this animation of all natural eyes, where I measure a refractive STATE - never a "failure".

To me, this is the SCIENTIFIC REAL WORLD.  Since it is an "imaginary world" for you (as it is for most ODs), then our discussion will end.

For a man in an "office" ... well he is dead certain the minus is the "right answer" in his "real world". But do not trust me, ASK HIM.

In pure-science, I am convinced that this animation represents a natural eye that will always have "negative states" if kept in a  long-term near environment.  (Today, 1.2 BILLION children have negative status, because an OD in his office is afraid to admit that the natural eye - is they way it is as presented above.) 

I can not "force" prevention into an OD's office, and I will never attempt that "conversation".   Indeed, if you check, you will find that I have friends in medicine.  But I do not bother to "challenge" them with the above analysis, because they know there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT.  It is not worth my time to argue about  it.

But if I desire prevention, I must take objective scientific facts seriously.

For ONLY for the most intelligent, and self-motivated, would I present and discuss the objective facts concerning prevention, and the possibility of SLOWLY clearing your Snellen (and refraction) from -1.0 diopters to +1/2 diopters.

If you wish further review and discussion, and know how to down-load and review an excel spread-sheet, just click here:

Then click on "Refraction from 6 to 11".  You will get the option to down-load the spread sheet.

After you have done that you will review a suggested study of true-prevention (similar to what Todd did), and what I consider the wise understanding of the person who wishes to be part of a truly PREVENTIVE study - so that he can get his Snellen CLEAR, and his refractive status positive by personal measurement. He will have to UNDERSTAND that that result is indeed possible - and in fact, people with enough resolve had made themselves successful.

As always, in many ways, the person does not "need" these statistics - once he "figures out" how to do it himself.

The goal is always the same - do it yourself - with your personal intelligence and resolve.  There is truly no other way.
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Re: Statistics, Science and Facts.
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Subject: Find out what a man DOES himself.  The real answer is in his statement about the plus.

Discussion:  Dr. Alex wears the plus for prevention.  He has learned that bitter truth.  The statistics I have prepared, reach that conclusion also.  There is no doubt - but that it would be wise to teach yourself how to wear the plus - before you go below 20/60, and about -2 diopters.

Evaluation:  What does a father do for himself - to protect HIS distant vision for life?

Dr. Alex>  I myself wear plus lenses several hours a week, and test my distance vision on reference objects in my neighborhood, quite often.

Otis>  Notice that he CHECKS HIS OWN DISTANT VISION - AND WEARS A PLUS.  I can guarantee, that if he has children they will be "sitting up" and WEARING THE PLUS - CORRECTLY.  After all, if a son asked for bread, what father would give him a stone.  A father who has learned that it is imperative to wear the plus (at the threshold) will most certainly insist that his child 1) Sit up and 2) wear the plus.  Real leadership - is when you do this, for yourself, and for your children.  All the statistics in the would do not mean anything - until you have understood this lesson in leadership.

Otis> I often wonder how anyone could "break" this cycle of ignorance.  I think prevention will start with people who take it SERIOUALY, as Dr. Alex has done it.


By Dr. Alex:

Individuals who recover from significant myopia through their own efforts, tend to be very vigilant about maintaining their hard won perfect eyesight.

They realize how our modern lifestyle (lots of close-up) inherently will cause myopia, should they not continually take measures to prevent it. I myself wear plus lenses several hours a week, and test my distance vision on reference objects in my neighborhood, quite often.

Some of that may have gotten lost in translation when the optician mentioned the impermanence of his recovery.

Think of it as a person who is into Yoga. They will always practice, to maintain their flexibility. Our body by design is looking to be efficient, so if you don’t use all that flexibility, you loose it.

Or someone who is into the gym and staying lean. The default diet in the West is very carb and sugar focused. If you pay no attention, you will not stay in shape. It takes a conscious effort. Is it the body reverting to its “natural state” to be fat and lazy? Well … in a way. But then we’d have to discuss whether couches and pizza are natural, as well.

Interesting in all of this, is how this optician knows a fellow optician who recovered from myopia, but apparently had not enough interest even, to understand the premise correctly. This in a nutshell is what we face, today. Best case scenario, the partitioners who are thought of as guardians of our eyesight health, see themselves as prescription dispenser (and worst case, will actively rally against those who suggest that our duty to our clients is to actually educate them and help them prevent myopia).


Dr. Alex is correct.  Plus-prevention is not a "short term" solution - although few people get into the "statistics" that prove his point. 

But he is - at the core - correct. KEEPING your distant vision, must take statistics and science seriously.  This means that the person must be enough of an "engineer" to understand them.

Success depends, not on a doctor, but on yourself.
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